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Management and Organisational Behavior: Application of Performance Management and Motivation Theories on a Workplace Scenario - Assignment Example

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The paper provides an overview of the process of decision making and how this process can affect employees’ performance. It discusses the reward management from the perspective of the organization in practice and endeavors to establish how reward systems work within organizations…
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Management and Organisational Behavior: Application of Performance Management and Motivation Theories on a Workplace Scenario
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Extract of sample "Management and Organisational Behavior: Application of Performance Management and Motivation Theories on a Workplace Scenario"

Download file to see previous pages Three years ago I was working as a Supervisor with the Directorate General of Administrative Development of Royal Court Affairs (RCA) in Sultanate of Oman. The whole thing seemed to be going well until one day when I was made to feel deprived. That day my manager called me for a meeting to discuss RCA employees’ performance. During the meeting, he announced that names of the employees for the yearly bonuses have been decided. He informed me that some employees’ names were excluded from the bonuses considering their performance. Unfortunately, my name was not included in the list. The information was quite upsetting, annoying for me and felt extremely deprived and demotivated. I had worked very hard that year and considered myself to be one the best employees throughout. I had achieved all my tasks with wonderful outcomes, my colleagues and supervisors had been rating me quite high throughout the year. After the meeting, I tried to talk to the manager about my concern for my performance appraisal but he refused to listen to me. He only pointed out that I need to improve my performance in order to get a bonus next year. I did not want to wait until next year to receive a bonus, as I felt I had deserved it this year for the work I accomplished. I also attempted to get myself transferred to some other departments within RCA but the manager refused to transfer me without even giving any reason for his refusal.
The study of performance and reward management has been complex and challenging. It has been changing and developing throughout history. The importance of understanding these different concepts, along with how they have evolved over time is crucial when studying of performance and reward management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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