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Human Factors and Ergonomics - Assignment Example

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The author explains what is human factors/ergonomics and how may it be of use. The author also explains use what is the "ergoma approach" and one weakness in it, Bergland's interpretation of figure and gives an example from current politics where one of Morris' maxims applies…
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Human Factors and Ergonomics
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Extract of sample "Human Factors and Ergonomics"

Download file to see previous pages Ergonomics help workers and jobs succeed.
Ergonomics help the worker be more successful and productive. How does this work overall? “The overall goal of the ergonomic analysis is to provide information that will facilitate the development of an environment that enhances both human performance and well-being” (Burke, 3). This information can be as simple as the right computer chair or as complex as an airplane cockpit control. When advanced machines came during the Industrial Revolution, the need to place a human factor into the workplace became necessary. This is the information that ergonomics provide for employees and companies.
the ergonomics of working position design, use of office equipment (photocopiers, guillotines, and printers), and even cleaning arrangements for windows, desks, and floors (what chemicals are to be used and how are they stored?)” (Maguire, 25)
How do cleaning supplies affect workers? If ammonia is stored improperly with bleach a deadly gas could kill the whole office. Thus the job would have killed the worker. No more productive workers mean that the job and worker did not coexist in this instance. Thus ergonomics comes in to make sure that ammonia and bleach are not stored unsafely.
In the art world, according to a new study, chronic stress rearranges wiring in the brain. One result is poor decision-making, a curse in any species and in any context. Many studies show that humans are more likely to make poor decisions when subjected to unrelieved stress. The rat study helps explain the phenomenon while reinforcing the case for designing tasks and workplaces ergonomically to control the triggers for stress. (Anderson)
These findings could prove that a less stressful work environment can be more productive. If a worker is too stressed that they make poor decisions. This is a given, but until proven most companies will not take the time or expense to reduce the stress. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Factors and Ergonomics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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