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In the essay “Company Policy on Employment” the author looks at a legal service provider in New York employing 95 personnel spread across three departments namely legal assistance, administration and HR, and front office. This policy is based upon the requirements as per the ADA…
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Company Policy on Employment
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Qualified, in this instance means a person (with a disability), who can perform essential functions of a job. He or she has to be provided with reasonable accommodation, which includes job restructuring, provision for the wheelchair, modifying the workplace including furniture and communication equipment suitable for a particular type of disability. In this regard, the front office staff, doorman, or colleague should assist a wheelchair bound or blind employee in moving about the office within the ambit of duty and other rights. Reasonable accommodation need not include acts that can cause the Company undue hardship (For example, the expenditure that is not within the resources of the Company or can cause undue disruption of normal work). The Company shall not conduct a medical examination to substantiate the disability. If a disabled person is found to be a user of illegal substances (drug testing is permissible), he or she ceases to be such under the statute. It should be noted by all employees that any violation will provide the right of recourse through, formal, informal, or legal means on the part of the disabled employee. The Company can be fined $55,000 for a first violation and $110,000 for subsequent ones. Finally, no employee has the right to stop the exercising of rights of an aggrieved disabled person. The copy of this policy will be displayed in an accessible location in all departments. It will also be circulated among all employees. Any additional clarifications on the part of the employees can be taken up with respective department heads or the HR manager who shall be bound to advise them on compliance of the statutes in the ADA.
Disability Discrimination. (n.d.). . The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Retrieved July 31, 2009, from Read More
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(Company Policy on Employment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Company Policy on Employment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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