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Employment Insurance in Canada - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Canadian Employment Insurance 1. Current Insurance in Canada Insurance is a process whereby one pays a substantial amount of money in order to benefit from a cover or ability to get financial assistance upon a misfortune insured…
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Employment Insurance in Canada
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Download file to see previous pages Notably, the power of provision of such basics needs was at a crossroad before the social amenities came into rescue. Notably was the creation of Employment Insurance policy in 1940 (Raphael 142). The enactment of Employment (EI) Insurance policy since then has remained an important pillar to the nation’s modern social programs. The program has gone through different revolutions, both in its structure and the modalities of its operation (Baukens, Bolle?rot, and Weinert 132). This program has remained crucial, even today, it forms one of the main political agenda. The program provides temporary financial assistance to unemployed Canadians, who happen to have lost their job, on a cause not their own. The policy also demands that the beneficiary should involve himself into searching for an alternative job or he is involved in other programs, which would improve his skills. In addition, the policy of EI extends to the sick, pregnant, or those who are caring for a newborn or an adopted child (Kim 247). The Employment Insurance covers all these. In another perspective, those who care for the orderly or seriously sick members get assistance from this scheme. The policy is a big benefit to the people of Canada. The policy of Employment Insurance has several types of benefits, which come according to the situation at hand. There is the Employment Insurance Maternity and Parent Benefits, which assist expectant mothers and the Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits, which provide support to those who are sick, injured, and are unable to work (Kim 250). The expansion and diversification of the Employment Insurance policy has incorporated the Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits, which provide to those who are temporary out of job to attend to one of their own, who is seriously sick and the Employment Insurance Finishing Fishing Benefits, which support professional fishermen (Kim 246). Away from the above benefits, the Employment Insurance policy has Initiative plans. They have put in place the Employment Insurance Special Benefits for Self Employed people. In this, the registered and qualified self-employed Canadians are able to access Employment insurance special benefits such as maternity, sickness, compassionate care, and parental. The other Initiative is the Extension of Eligibility period for the Military Families. This policy ensures that those whose leave as been shot, through a military requirement, the insurance fully compensate for that inconvenience. These are the policies, which form the current Employment Insurance policy up to date (Kim 248). The program represents he largest agenda in the federal government in terms of costs and remittance of revenue. As the administration and guarantee of this program falls under the government, the programs aims at becoming self-sufficient in the log run. In addition, in the future, the employee and employer contribution will have to cover administrative and benefit costs. This is the situation in the current insurance in Canada. 2. Criticism on the Program The program of Employment Insurance provides a great help to the people of Canada. However, it structure and management have not fallen short of criticism. First, the current Employment Insurance lacks the edge to get people back to work. The rules, which operate EI, are much lenient. Majority of citizens just get away with insurance benefits with little efforts attached on finding another job (Muffels 116). The government should impose tougher rules on the benefits one gets ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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