The Clients Specific Areas of Strength and Growth - Essay Example

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The reporter underlines that the coach helps the trainee to find his/her own true self; to experience their own attempts, failures and successes, and by so doing, to develop his/her own natural strengths and potential…
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The Clients Specific Areas of Strength and Growth
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Coaching a) describe the client’s specific areas of strength and specific areas for growth The areas of strength for Joe are the following Experience
2. Loyalty to the company and specific know – how (degree in computer science)
3. Team player
4. Management and leadership abilities
5. Proactive and takes initiatives
6. Punctual and organized
7. Able to handle stress – strong will
The areas for growth are the following:
1. Negotiation abilities with the other departments.
2. Non sufficient business and marketing knowledge
3. Conflict management
4. Time management //balance between work - family life
b) Identify concerns which might be addressed in a coaching relationship
Coaching helps the business to:
1. Improve performance
2. Raise morale
3. Develop people
4. Increase the health and effectiveness of the organization
5. Increase the productivity of the business
The coach helps the trainee to find his/her own true self; to experience their own attempts, failures and successes, and by so doing, to develop his/her own natural strengths and potential.
Based on Model 3 Components of Satisfaction and Effectiveness, the following will be remarked for Joe:
Intellect = Joe holds a computer science degree, thinks systemically but he is rather weak in relationships, gets frustrated with changes, he needs someone to exert some influence to back him up.
Emotion = Joe is good at his projects and at organizing his team but personally he feels sometimes off balance when he has to cooperate with business and marketing and feels devalued due to the emphasis given to marketing and innovation by his company.
Will = Joe takes on new challenges under high – stress conditions, he is proactive and he takes initiatives.
Context = Joe wants to move upward in the business but this does not create a purpose for him. As Flaherty (2005) wrote: “Our capacity to design a purpose and then bring our own life into alignment with it is what I mean by context.” In the case of Joe, his ambitions do not form a purpose and his worries about the time spent with his family show that he is not going beyond his and his family’s survival and comfort.
Soul = Joe has shown understanding to the issues concerning to this team and compassion to their needs, a fact that it is proved by the effectiveness of his team. He shows also compassion to his family since he wants to devote time to its and especially to his children.
c) Develop a proposed plan of action, with measurable goals for you (coach) and client (Joe) to follow.
The creation of a coaching plan that will enhance personal development is a critical step in motivating a positive performance.
The coaching plan will improve the areas of growth and it will have the following stages:
State the Final Goal
The goals will be: improving cooperation with business people within one month, develop business knowledge by attending a specific course of one year duration, to coordinate effectively work and personal life within three months, attend negotiation, time management and conflict management courses during the present year.
The final goal will be to move upward in the organization.
State the Progress Goals to Milestones
The milestones over the next year will be set in quarters. In the first quarter he will start his business course and he will set up more meetings with business people so he will be in the position to understand better their goals and priorities. In the second quarter he will attend the time management courses so as he can bring in balance his personal and professional life and in the third quarter he should have finished the business course.
Determine the Resources and Training Needed
All the in-house training options will be exhausted. The training department will take over the responsibility of Joe’s training in negotiation, time and conflict management. The coach will discuss with Joe the results of the training and will monitor carefully his performance on these issues. For the business course, Joe will attend a high profile marketing and management institute.
Determine incentives for Attaining Process and the Final Goal
At the beginning of the coaching plan the right incentive for the completion of the coaching plan will be discussed and agreed with Joe. Joe needs to have an incentive of his preference in order to feel motivated regarding his coaching plan.
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