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Relationship between theory and practice in human resource management - Essay Example

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In order for employees to improve their output,they have to be motivated.Motivation in itself takes many forms.But motivation must be seen to be taking place practically than just by the word of mouth.The human resource practitioners must understand the fact that different human resource persons are motivated by different motivators…
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Relationship between theory and practice in human resource management
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Download file to see previous pages In order for employees to improve their output, they have to be motivated.Motivation in itself takes many forms.But motivation must be seen to be taking place practically than just by the word of mouth.The human resource practitioners must understand the fact that different human resource persons are motivated by different motivators. As others may be motivated by better pay, others would be motivated if the working environment is conducive. Therefore it is important to understand the nature of each employee for motivation to be practically enhanced. Their areas of interest need be identified and motivation geared towards improving that area.The human resource practitioners can on a continuous basis give out questionnaires asking the employees questions such as: - where the management made improvements within the organization's area they fell should be improved etc. These should then be acted upon by management. By doing this the employees feel that they are part and parcel of the organization and this finally motivates them. Management should go to the extent of rewarding good performer in monetary terms, in kind e.g. through promotions etc. This would make everyone in the organization to work harder and achieve higher results. Other areas where motivation can be better shown in practice include better health and safety - No one likes working in unhygienic and unsafe conditions. Management should protect the employees from hazardous conditions...
Practically the training and development must be seen in motion. Employees should be asked through their seniors to identify their training needs after which resources are set aside for training. This should then be related to promotions in the work place because employees will see the essence of training.
Off -the job exercise and motivations: - Motivation can be further enhanced practically by managers through annual leaves by employees as this allows them to relax their minds
Theory and Practice of Management Performance Management and Appraisal
Performance management is the close monitoring of employees' results overtime. Appraisal is the rating on the performance. 3
It is not enough to theoretically apply performance management and appraisal.
Performance appraisal starts with targets which the management has set. These should neither be too low nor too high. The employees would be rated on what they have achieved as compared with the expected/ targeted results.
Not only should the final results be measured but also the time span at which they have been achieved. Clock cards should be introduced in the organization to indicate at what time they reported and the time they left, since idle time affects the level of performance achieved.
The performance of one individual can also be checked by another. This is the system referred to as internal checks. It is mostly applied in written work -pieces where on employee peruses through the other's work. It also gives an employee the opportunity to learn from others thus improving his own performance and output.
Performance management should entail getting feedback from the clients/ customers or any other stakeholders of the organization. Suggestion boxes can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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