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Efficacy of Part Time Staff vis--vis Full-Time Staff - Essay Example

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The purpose of the essay "Efficacy of Part Time Staff vis-à-vis Full-Time Staff" is to establish the efficacy of part-time staff in comparison with full-time staff. A tangible relationship would be established, wherein the extent to which these affect an organization can be studied therein…
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Efficacy of Part Time Staff vis--vis Full-Time Staff
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Extract of sample "Efficacy of Part Time Staff vis--vis Full-Time Staff"

Download file to see previous pages Similarly, Wolbers elucidates, “Dual system participants combine fixed-term contracts with full-time employment while studying workers are not very different from their non-studying colleagues. Working students are more often employed on a part-time basis. Nevertheless, the permanency of these student jobs is fairly high, much closer to the situation of regular employees rather than to that of dual system students” (2003). However, it is believed that “since the work-life system is multi- and not just two-dimensional, it is important to examine how all life domains interrelate with each other. In this way, we would be in a better position to begin to assess all the benefits and disadvantages associated with working part-time and with other work-life balancing strategies” (Warren, 2004). “For both men and women, the likelihood to return-to-work increased with increasing number of opportunities to adjust. Adjustment latitude increased returning to part-time as well as full-time work. The study indicates that work organization is important for return-to-work” (Gun, 2006). In addition, it is highlighted that “females, freshmen and full-time (versus part-time) students reported a greater degree of exposure to stressors” ((Buchanan, et al, 2004).“There are very few small businesses that do not offer coverage and that have substantial numbers of uninsured workers. These businesses are not quite as rare as a needle in a haystack, but they are very difficult to find”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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