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McKinsey 7s and Other HR Management Models for Large Scale Change with Multiple Requirements - Coursework Example

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The paper “McKinsey 7s and Other HR Management Models for Large Scale Change with Multiple Requirements” considers it necessary to draw up a detailed protocol for testing employees; as a result, strong leaders, adherents and professionals will remain in the company, while many will be unemployed…
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McKinsey 7s and Other HR Management Models for Large Scale Change with Multiple Requirements
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Extract of sample "McKinsey 7s and Other HR Management Models for Large Scale Change with Multiple Requirements"

Download file to see previous pages Employee development is a vital ingredient of achieving a competitive advantage over business rivals and includes major investments in terms of training and education of the employees, for instance, training employees on effective performance at workplaces, employee orientation to their workstations, employee development for advanced programs or positions and enhancing the company’s capability in readiness for successes in the future. Cathay Pacific encourages the creation of a working atmosphere wherein its employees feel free to take actions towards satisfying both the clients’ and the company’s interests.
In order to successfully compete in the volatile global market, a company needs to effectively deploy human resources to enable it to realize a competitive advantage and strategic capability. Being an internal resource, Cathay Pacific’s human resources are among the foundations and major contributors to its strategic capability. Effective management of human resources can lead a company having a competitive advantage and hugely determines the long term performance of an organization.
HRM involves several responsibilities two among the important ones being the selection and training of potential and current employees to suit the company’s needs. Recruitment process involves not only finding but also attracting qualified individuals using methods that are timely, cost-effective and that comply with the local legislation on employment. Cathay Pacific has an equal employment policy and selects potential employees depending on their experiences and both expatriate and local employees are treated equally.
Recruitment also involves handling of employee and potential employee records some of which can be sensitive. Cathay pacific has the policy of treating the application information confidentially and only utilizing the application information only for the purpose intended. The recruitment process involves the internal integration of the various departments within an organization. It can be a costly process in terms of both time and money and therefore requires planning which involves the other departments within the organization. Some of the external actors that have to be taken into consideration are the land’s law on recruitment and employment. Cathay Pacific strictly observes the anti-discrimination regulations and tries to be as fair as possible when it comes to employment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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