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Human Resource Planning: Requirements and Availability - Case Study Example

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A paper "Human Resource Planning: Requirements and Availability" points out that the organization will need at future dates in order to realize its stated goals. Before human resource requirements can be projected, demands for the firm's goods or services must be forecast…
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Human Resource Planning: Requirements and Availability
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Download file to see previous pages This forecast is then converted into people requirements for the activities necessary to meet the demand. Determining whether the form will be able to secure employees with the necessary skills, and from what sources, is called an availability forecast. It helps to show whether the required employees can be obtained from within the company, from outside the company or from the combination of both the sources. Many of the workers that may be needed for future positions may already work for the firm. If the firm is small, management probably knows all the workers sufficiently well to match their skills and aspirations with the company's needs. Job analysis provides a summary of a job's duties and responsibilities, its relationship to other jobs, the knowledge, and skills required and working conditions under which it is performed. Job analysis is performed on three occasions firstly when the organization is founded, secondly when new jobs are created and thirdly when jobs are changed significantly as a result of new technologies, new methods, procedures or systems. Training and Development: job specification information often proves beneficial in identifying training and developmental tools. If the specification suggests that the job requires a specific skill, knowledge or ability and the person filling the position does not possess all the qualifications required, training or development is in order.
Compensation and benefits: over here the relative value of a particular job must be known before a dollar value can be placed on it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Planning: Requirements and Availability Case Study.
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