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The Lifestyle Which Most Humans Live Today - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper "The Lifestyle Which Most Humans Live Today" mentions that natural resources are the materials which are used to support life and meet various requirements of people. Any substances derived from the nature that are used by human beings can be regarded as natural resources. …
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The Lifestyle Which Most Humans Live Today
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Download file to see previous pages The widespread extraction and utilization of natural resources have attributed towards increasing environmental problems. Over that preceding five decades, the population of the world has grown more than a double while the global economic output has augmented in excess of six-fold. The unprecedented explosion of human population and their related activities had imposed significant impact upon the composition of the atmosphere. The increasing human interference with the earth’s environment has polluted the air and water increased deforestation and threatened the survival of thousands of species living on the earth (Cortese, “The Societal Crisis”).
If human beings continue to utilize the natural resources in an inappropriate manner, then they might no longer possess the luxuries that are being availed today. The increasing population can be attributed with increasing air, water, and land pollution. Contextually, the unprecedented exploitation which performs by the human beings would slow down the progress as well as decline both quantity as well as the quality of the natural resources by a greater extent (Cortese, “The Societal Crisis”).
The thesis for this research paper is to propose the lifestyle, which most humans living today, is wasteful of the natural resources that the earth provides us. It will include the proof that if this problem continues to exist, then the humans will run out and no longer would possess the luxuries that are accessible today. However, the problem can be solved by suitably utilizing several means of unlimited energy like the sun, wind and underwater currents. The purpose of the research is to identify the consequences of overexploitation of various natural resources. The research topic is selected because it relates to the future survival of human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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