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There is a large discrepancy in wealth distribution in the PRC. In fact it has amongst the most unequal levels of distribution o - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Wealth inequalities in the People’s Republic of China Wealth inequality is the primary cause of social inequalities in many societies in the world today, with the widening gap between the rich and the poor increasing each day; the People’s Republic of China is arguably one of the places with a large discrepancy in wealth distribution between the rich and the poor…
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There is a large discrepancy in wealth distribution in the PRC. In fact it has amongst the most unequal levels of distribution o
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"There is a large discrepancy in wealth distribution in the PRC. In fact it has amongst the most unequal levels of distribution o"

Download file to see previous pages This paper examines the implication of wealth inequalities in the PRC, particularly regarding individual’s way of living, education, housing, transportation, employment, and human rights for a citizen in the PRC; in relation to that, the paper will address whether people who are deprived access to these things can even be considered citizens. The paper will also highlight the effect of sexual, racial, and class discriminations on the patterns of consumption in the PRC and the manner in which the different social groups in China define and promote popular culture in the consumption patterns. As already mentioned, wealth inequalities have a very profound impact on individual’s way of living; generally, the large disparities between the rich and the poor in the PRC results to social inequalities since they deprive the poor access to most of the very basic yet fundamental social opportunities and services in life. For instance, the huge gaps between the rich and the poor in the PRC implies that the poor have been deprived access to decent lives with since basic needs such as food and shelter will almost always remain an elusive dream beyond their reach. Poor households in the PRC cannot afford daily provision, leave alone healthy dietary, and nutrition and they have to struggle for bare survival to see another day; apart from that, poor housing or lack of housing altogether predisposes the poor to harsh environmental conditions, which further aggravate their already worse condition. Housing projects in the PRC have been monopolized by the affluent and well-educated group that has the financial flexibility to live in those rich neighborhoods (Doray Demers 297). This implies that those without financial flexibility cannot access decent housing in decent neighborhoods like around Beijing (Tomba 1). Additionally, the poor cannot afford quality medical and healthcare, and are more likely to suffer even from simplest of all common treatable diseases. Poor neighborhoods in the PRC have a disparity of healthcare facilities, and the least that are available do not even offer quality healthcare services either; Lack of quality healthcare and housing coupled with poor nutrition inevitably results to despicable living conditions. Apart from that, wealth disparities also deprive the poor access to quality education since it leads to unequal access to educational opportunities; whereas the rich can afford quality education for their children, the poor lag behind simply because of limited educational opportunities and high cost of education. Uneven wealth distribution also implies that some areas of the PRC are more developed thus have more education facilities that offer quality education than others, which are underprivileged due to disparities in wealth distribution. The rich neighborhoods in the PRC have enough schools, which provide enough opportunities for children from socially affluent families to access to education, unlike poor neighborhoods that lag behind in development, thus have few congested schools that offer low quality education. In this respect, the limited access to educatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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