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Strategic Human Resource Planning - Essay Example

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The purpose of this research is to investigate the following: strategic human resource planning; purpose of human resource planning; strategic human resource plan; action plan for strategic HR plan implementation; monitoring performance; plan for improving HR services. …
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Strategic Human Resource Planning
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the organisations in today’s competitive era have realized the importance of human and capital management because both are considered critical for the achievement of long term and short term goals. The HR managers are now focusing on employing right people, at the right position and at the right time with the right set of skills, knowledge and abilities. Shift from personnel management to human resource has called for innovation and change and thus, keeping this in view, organisations are inclined towards strategic human resource planning as the ultimate solution of the challenges being faced by them in this competitive era. Strategic human resource planning is a process in which organisations ensure that the right people are employed with the right skill set. It is ensured that the desired set of behaviour have been developed in them through employee training or development. Organisations probe into these factors to get to know whether their employee developmental programs are such that can easily lead to the achievement of organisational goals and objectives or they need to employ such people that can lead to successful completion of tasks. Human resource planning refers to identifying and analysing the availability of human resources for the purpose of ensuring whether an organisation can achieve its intended goals and objectives. It is a complex process and requires specialized skills in the field of planning because it relies heavily on identifying the right set of people with the right skill set. ...
It allows managers to evaluate whether they have the right set of people with the right skill set to pursue their organisational strategy. Secondly, it envisioned managers regarding firms’ resources both financial and human capital because these are two of the most important resources that help in the execution of the strategies once they have been devised by the concerned executives. Strategic Human Resource Plan Managers at Jim Cleaning aim at linking their strategic planning process with human resource planning because they are aware of the fact that employees are valuable assets of any organisation and thus, it is required that there should be a proper strategic HR plan devised that depicts a guideline for the employees as to how to move towards achieving their organisational goals and objectives. According to (Snell &Bohlander, 48), following are the steps involved in developing a Strategic HR plan and keeping in view steps the managers at Jim Cleaning proposed for the HR strategic plan. Step 1: Analysing mission, vision and core values The first step involved in developing strategic HR plan is to develop mission and vision statement. Mission statement shows the purpose of existence of the organisation whereas the vision statement shows that what an organisation aspires to become in near future. These statements help organisations to develop their strategic goals and objectives whereas the core values of an organisation provide managers with principles and beliefs that aid them in decision making process. Step 2: Environmental Scanning The second step involved in developing strategic HR plan is environmental screening. Managers at Jim Cleaning are very much concerned regarding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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