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Labour Markets Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Literature Review 3 Critical Analysis 5 Why do you think this goal is important for different parties to employment relationships? 5 How can organisations and other parties try to achieve this goal? 6 In the context of the current labour market, what might be some of the problems for organisations seeking to achieve this goal?…
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Labour markets
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Download file to see previous pages The three pillars of the agenda of the organisation include the intension of making the future work satisfactory for the employees, to keep up with the changes in the cultural background and the attitudes of the employees working in the multicultural organisations of the globalised world, as well as to make a free flowing culture in the place of work where the organisation is established. The theme of improving the quality of work life is a widely discussed topic since a long time. This report aims at providing a critical analysis of the various issues that are of concern to the human resource managers. In the initial part of the report a literature review has been done to highlight the issues that have been addressed in the international literature. The main section of the essay deals with multitude of questions including the extent to which the goals are important for the relationships of employer-employee in the different cases, the procedure of achievement of such goals as well as the problems that may crop up in the scenario of the present day labour market. Scholarly resources like books, journals as well relevant websites have been consulted to conduct a review of the literature that have been written on this topic as well as the critical analysis on this question. Literature Review This section of the literature review is an attempt to link the three main aspects of work life balance which includes the work that the person does the workforce in the organisation and the place of work of the employees involved. It is essential for every organisation to have a proper balance between family and work which otherwise would give rise to issues of conflict according to Greenhaus and Beutell (Greenhaus and Beutell, 1985, pp. 76-88). The environment at work affects the performance health of the employees. There is a high correlation between the work units and the effectiveness of the work systems in which employees perform. Each department in an organisation comprise of teams and the performance of the teams in a collective manner contributes to the total productivity of the organisations. Thus the performance of the teams is extremely important from the point of view of the organisation. It has been observed through various works of research that the sum of the performances of the individuals would be less than that which would be contributed by an entire team (Parker, 1990, pp. 63-86). Hence the commitment and dedication of the team are important for the growth of the organisation and the progress of the employees. Researchers have made studies regarding the work hours of the individual employees, the level of job satisfaction, the health and the well-being of the employees. It has been found that all these factors have a direct correlation with the level of performance of the employees and the way they are committed to the work they have been assigned. The business processes are directly linked with the work life that the employees have. It has been found that the people who work in organisations which guarantee a good work life balance are more involved in the work at office (Williams and Adam-Smith, 2010, pp. 26-49). The diversity and flexibility in the organisation culture make the workplace conducive for the employees. A flexible workplace has a major role to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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