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Compare between two institutions policies - Essay Example

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Compare Between Two Institutions Policies INTRODUCTION Human Resource Management (HRM) plays an instrumental role that greatly assists an organisation in achieving its desired goals along with objectives. It acts as a tool for the organisation to become environmentally and socially sustainable…
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Compare between two institutions policies
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Download file to see previous pages The recruitment procedure provides an open door opportunity for a large pool of candidates to apply for the diversified posts. Furthermore, recruitment procedure assists the organisation in attracting qualified candidates. Recruitment facilitates to devise a strategic mode of selection procedure which is aligned with the organisational goals and objectives along with the specific human resources requirements (Robert 3-26). Thesis Statement. With these considerations, the report intends to discuss the recruitment processes being followed by Qatar Petroleum and Google Inc. The report primarily desires to compare and contrast the recruitment process of the two institutions. LITERATURE REVIEW OF RECRUITMENT AS AN IMPORTANT FUNCTION OF HRM According to the view of Schuler and Jackson, recruitment is a process in which an organisation can rely upon the internal or the external labour market for absorption of the resourceful candidates. It has been further noted that although at the entrance level the recruitment process is not that important but it frames a vital part for other jobs of higher level. It is always considered as a vital process as it enables to draw in an extensive amount of resources. In keeping with the importance of recruitment, it can be well articulated that internal recruiting process mainly relates with the promotion criteria (211-219). According to French and Rumbles, ”If the HRM function is to remain effective, there must be consistently good levels of teamwork, plus on-going co-operation and consultation between line managers and the HR manager” (170). In the recent scenario, there have been a number of organisations that are facing problems regarding the accumulation of a pool of quality candidates. The jobs and the vacancies that pertain the requirement of specialised skills and knowledge absorb a longer phase of time (Brown 50-108). COMPARISON AND CONTRAST OF DECISION MAKING PROCESS WITH RESPECT TO RECRUITMENT OF QATAR PETROLEUM AND GOOGLE INCORPORATION Recruitment Process of Qatar Petroleum. In keeping with the recruitment procedure being followed in Qatar Petroleum, it entails basically four steps. The HR recruitment section of the company effectively manages the entire process that starts with the need identification to the job specification. This entire process is executed by the selection and the interview procedures of the resources. On part of the recruitment process of the company, it has been further ascertained that the department managers gain the full support of the HR personnel. Each of the candidates being selected is based upon merit. Furthermore, the selection of the candidates greatly depends upon their basic skills and competencies (Qatar Petroleum, “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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