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Human Resources Management - Case Study Example

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Human Resources Management Case Study ABC Human Resources Professor XYZ December 07, 2013 The case study is based on the acquisition of a loss making bookstore and the manner in which strategic human resource management can convert it to a revenue making outlet…
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Human Resources Management Case Study
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Extract of sample "Human Resources Management"

Download file to see previous pages This outlet has more permanent employees and less of casual workers and this requires at least 80 workers to be laid off. This raises significant questions about the manner in which redundancy should be handled by the human resource department in Wordsmiths. There are certain legal issues that she has to consider before making a strategic plan on redundancy. ...
had been charged with making workers redundant by discrimination on the basis of age.3 HRIMS and workforce data HRIS helps in storing and reviewing data with respect to effectively manage the workforce. Prior to configuring the HRIMS, Gemma should strive to understand the requirements, opinions and concerns of the workforce.4 The HRIS system should be configured to have maximum possible information about the workforce. Some critical information which Gemma needs to configure would be the information about the workforce in Mainly Books including payroll (payroll accounting and time reporting), managing workforce (commencement, termination and exits of employees), system integration and maintenance (managing software updates and system regulations, managing the interfaces of the system).5 The workforce data can include a plethora of information about the employees in Mainly Books. The information on employees has to start from simple aspects like employee name, address, family details, qualifications, attributes, joining date to highly complex aspects which helps in easing decision making. Such complex aspects may include restructuring, training, internal promotions, on-boarding, performance management, external hiring (in this case for payroll), outsourcing details, succession planning, talent analytics and workforce planning, leadership development, career development and employee retention and engagement . One of the main challenges faced by Gemma is that the company acquired did not maintain any information on human resources. Hence, she will have to speak to the store managers for getting data with respect to payroll. Most of the employee personal data will be found from the store managers. After careful discussion with store managers certain training gaps need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? Human Resources Management and number: submitted: Contents Contents 2 Section 3 Introduction 3 Behind the Scenes: The Firm 3 Section 2 4 The Story 4 Section 3 4 The three theories 4 Section 4 6 Problem Statement and Literature Support 6 Alternatives/Solution Strategy 8 Conclusion 8 References 10 Section 1 Introduction The attraction of the case study comes from the recent issues arising in quality of the produced vehicles. The organization, Mercedes-Benz, has come under scrutiny as a result of the increasing customer complaints as well as quality issues. It has also been seen that these quality issues and other problems differ in various geographic locations. Though in developed locations the main problems arise out of error in quality...
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... policy is 'Customer Focus' which is put into effect by shifting focus from 'maximization of shareholder value' to have an unambiguous focus on customer service as the top aim of the company, thereby also making higher profits. Finally, another very important key feature of Tesco PLC is that of 'Diversification' under which the company has a four-pronged strategy which is to focus on:- Home Market- Tesco focuses on the core UK business which involves grocery retailing in its home market. It is also looking at expanding by making a move into the convenience-store sector which is an idea otherwise shunned by supermarkets. Non-food business- In 2006, Tesco had successfully managed to become the largest non-food retailer in the UK...
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...HRM and Organizational Culture Introduction A crucial factor in the success of Hewlett-Packard is the development of a workplace environment that attracts and retains the best people. The organization, from the outset, consciously employs its strategic Human Resources Management (HRM) systems in order to build, shape, and then reinforce a culture necessary for its strategy. Specifically, one sees this in efforts to alter its culture that is seen to have been designed as self-perpetuating into one that is enough to fit the new strategic directions in which appears to be heading. HRM activities for HP, is used strategically to shape and reinforce a certain type of culture by reinforcing certain ideas, norms, and behavior and by discouraging...
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Online market demand is dominated by teenagers who have shifted their purchases from singles CDs to mostly illegal downloads of singles tracks, stimulated by continually evolving software and P2P networks. In order to survive, market players have to reconsider their strategies and value propositions – by mergers of music labels; flexible pricing and value-added offers by online distributors and active ethical campaigns, the challenge before these companies is to convert the internet medium from a threat to copyrighted material into an effective distribution channel.
Rivalry among competing sellers in the industry – rivalry among legal internet music sites is not too intensive, because the legal online download ind...
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I have been assigned two HRM consultants who are busy designing the motivation questionnaire to be administered to all the group employees. However, this also gave me an opportunity to reflect over my personal strengths and weaknesses as I would soon have the most responsible task of convincing the top management about the contents of the questionnaire and the finalization of motivation report and its possible uses in the group in the formulation of exact policies and tactics to improve employee morale. My immediate boss gave me this entire assignment breaking the line structure and formalized it by getting it ratified by the board. He also built an incentive and bonus deal for me to be awarded on the successful completion of the...
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Taking into consideration that Harmony is the sixth-largest in the world in the gold mining industry, the choice of Harmony God Mining Co. as a benchmark company is the most suitable and justifiable. Moreover, Harmony has also some investment stake in Rio Tinto, and this situation makes the company more suitable for the choice. At places, the benchmark company’s performances have been better than Rio Tinto, and thus Harmony has a competitive edge as well over Rio Tinto.

Profitability ratios like Operating Margin Ratio, Net Margin Ratio, Return on Assets (ROA), and Return on Equity (ROE) are the performance analyzer of any company. Profit Margin ratios show the relationship between profit and sales. Since profit ca...
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Analysis of Retailco Human Resource Management

The attitude is that if there is time left over from the workday, which there never is, we will put some consideration into HR initiatives. But unless HR is in the hands of someone who is qualified by education and experience to properly give it its due implantation, HR will always be at the end of a long to-do list that seldom gets reached.  This will soon be impractical as HR is becoming a more predominant force in the workplace, ‘HR programs and processes will remain important, but, like accounting and sales, they will be even more powerful as part of the new decision science.’ (Boudreau, and Ramstad)

By giving the responsibility of HR the section/line managers, whose main lot in life is to come in u...
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The British Constitution vs The Human Rights Act 1998

This research essay analyses the above statement and arrives at a conclusion.
Integration of the provisions of ECHR into U.K’s domestic law by way of HRA 1998 can be regarded as revolutionary as it facilitates the majority of the ECHR rights provisions directly applicable in the U.K. Before that integration, a U.K Court has to presume that when there is a clash between U.K’s domestic law and ECHR rights provision, the ECHR rights provision will always prevail. This principle has been laid down in R v Secretary of Home Dept ex parte Brind1 and R v Secretary of Home Dept ex parte Thakrar. 2
Courts have now the power to declare any statue which they find incompatible with ECHR provisions and order for fine-tunin...
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Customer Relationship Management

 Consumers started looking for variety and lower prices. Through the use of technology, such customer tradeoff against variety and prices is not necessary. The US life insurance industry is large, mature and dominated by a number of large companies and this industry has been one of the early adopters of computer technology (Subramanian & Chatterjee, 2007). The advent of the CRM systems changed the landscape of the insurance industry.

The health insurance organizations use CRM to prepare health proposals and process applications in a much faster and accurate way. The organizations are better able to understand the needs and habits of the customer and provide more efficient service. Companies are able to integrat...
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..., it can be concluded that commission based wage strategy is advantageous in that it is target driven which would mean that there are high chances of boosting the sales as individual purchasing agents will always put optimum effort in doing their business. Sources Michael Armstrong (1999), Human Resources Management Practice, 7th Edition, Kogan Page Limited, USA. Thornburg L, “Computer Assisted Interviewing Shortens Hiring Cycle,” HRMagazine 43, no 2 (February 1998): 73-79 Robins S.P., Odendaal, A. & Roodt, T., (2001), Organisational Behaviour: Global and Southern African Perspective, Pearson Education, SA....
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Human Resource As Proactive Human Capital: World Bank

Since employees are the pillar of the organization, the role of human resource management becomes crucial in the employment of its workforce. In the emerging challenges of the changing business equations, when the labor deployment is undergoing quantitative and qualitative transformations, HR strategy needs to be redefined to create versatility and flexibility of the contemporary work environment.

Access to information is a vital part of organizational management processes as it not only promotes efficiency and knowledge-based discharge of duties by the employees but it a great tool for the management to exploit the available information to improve its performance. The information provides wide-ranging knowledge about t...
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... column. Superior staff’s as well as clientele satisfaction results in increased productivity. Diversity goes ahead of worker’s equity to cultivate office surroundings that values the dissimilarities and capitalizes on the latent of all workers, one that encourages worker’s inventiveness and innovativeness. (POLLITT, David, 2006) Diversity management enable individuals to act upon up to their utmost potential as it emphasizes on modifying the company‘s ethnicity and infrastructure so that people may attain the peak output efficiency feasible. Efficiently administration of diversity manoeuvres the “operating overheads and workforce attitudes, recruitment of human resources, sales and market share, creativity and innovation, group problem...
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Organizational Change Management of LG Electronics

The resistance to changes in organizations is most prevalent at the lower ranks of the ladder due to employees distrusting the reasoning by management behind the decisions or the lack of respect of the acumen of their leaders. This attitude permeates in the workplace, staff ranks, sections, and even over the entire organization. However, there are those in the organization who always look forward to changes believing it will herald better opportunities for them and improve the working conditions for them. Former US president John F. Kennedy1 who wrote, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future”, aptly elucidated this concept of change (Warren, Benne and...
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

An assessment regarding the binding nature of the provisions of the UDHR was made in this work. The UDHR was instrumental in the development of international law, specifically the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). Furthermore, the role of ICCPR and ICESCR, which derive from the UDHR were examined. This was done by referring to case law and the opinions of various authors. It also analyzed UN Charter provisions, such as the preamble, Article 1(3), 2, 13(1), 51, 55, 56, 62(2) and 68.3

This work arrived at conclusions, by establishing the binding nature of the UDHR on the member states. The UDHR was rendered binding...
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Employee Relations in Human Resources Management

The C.E.O. has a surprise for you, but it turns out that you do not like it. You decide to leave the room and your subordinate boo you. Being booed by your subordinate creates a hostile work environment. The nature of the surprise- an explicit dance on the pole – is wrong. The C.E.O. later follows you and instead of apologizing he makes the situation worse, first, he thinks you are unreasonable. He also says that if you were more social with him, you two could go amazing places. In other words, the C.E.O. discriminates against you for not being social with him. He goes ahead and massages you at the back. You are aggrieved by this even more and decide to complain to the C.EO. He does not listen to you and decide to fire you.<...
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