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Article Review - Who Promised Fair Improving the Construction Industry - Book Report/Review Example

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The article talks about the historic development of trade unions in the United States as well as how ethnic minorities were discriminated from working for the construction industry. More so, the article reviews how the Supreme Court affirmed various labor rights that underwent amendments over the years…
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Article Review - Who Promised Fair Improving the Construction Industry
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Extract of sample "Article Review - Who Promised Fair Improving the Construction Industry"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the article provides information on how the female and other minorities in the United States construction industry were presented by labor laws (Ozanne, 2011). To add up the highlighted points, this paper will analyze the article by reviewing these points and thereafter portray the method of presentation used by the author. Moreover, the paper will outline a personal opinion on one major topic accompanied by an explanation. Analysis of five major points The article is a comprehensive piece because it dug up the United States construction industry since its foundation in the 17th century. There are various points that the author outlays, and among these major points is the evolution of the industry. The author argues that the construction industry evolved to what it is today with the help of continuous labor law amendments that have progressed over the centuries to befit the workers’ satisfaction (Ozanne, 2011). ...
Prior to the history of the construction industry and labor laws, the author also outlines the fact that the continuous amendments of laws and policies were driven by the presence of diverse ethnic background in the industry. In this case, the author argues that United States contained numerous ethnicities that include Asians, Hispanics, the whites and the blacks (Ozanne, 2011). Oppression in terms of race was a usual occurrence that led the minorities to form their own groups that would raise their issues in terms of oppression and discrimination in the workplace. The author further claims that the minority groups aired their grievances through subsequent strikes that led to continuous changes in labor laws. On another point, the author clarifies that discrimination and oppression of the workforce did not only happen on racial background but also on a gender basis. This is because women have numerously experienced discrimination due to their “inferiority” tag pinned on them. The author argues that the case is slowly diminishing due to the rise of gender protection laws, but in spite of the efforts, the female discrimination act still exists in current times. The author proves this fact by claiming that only two percent of females in the year 2012 participate in the construction trade (Ozanne, 2011). Though the author does not offer a concrete reason concerning the gender difference, he asserts that the major contributor could be the male dominated traditions and activities that brand construction as exclusively a man’s job. Contrary to the evolution of labor laws and the construction industry, the author also looks at the present situation of the industry where he argues that the construction industry still ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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