How does your company deal with preparing staff to work in another country and for incoming foreign staff - Essay Example

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Subject Date How Ford Motor Company Manages Its Remote Workers in Different Countries EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As companies struggle to muddle through with the dynamic business environment, efficient human resources administration is a fundamental to managerial efficacy…
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How does your company deal with preparing staff to work in another country and for incoming foreign staff
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Download file to see previous pages Understanding these relations is very important for an organization, which desires to manage its employee-employer relationship effectively. PROPOSED STUDY: This paper gives an examination of the employee organization rapport by probing the employee perception of what they owe their company and what they feel their company owes them in return. The paper also examines these aspects from a cross-cultural perspective by determining how societal culture affects employee attitude concerning their obligations to the employer and what the employer owes them. Purposely, the paper delves at how various cultural aspects of collectivism, the employees’ perception of the terms of their employment relationship. Additionally, whilst most studies focus on employees’ behavior and attitudinal reactions to their company’s failure to meet obligations, less has been unraveled about how companies deal with preparing their staff to work in another country and for incoming foreign staff. This paper aims at discussing in depth, how Ford Motor Company prepares its staff to operate in remote countries. The paper gives an exclusive introduction to the company’s background, after which it embarks on the thesis statement, which is, how the motor company has dealt with preparing its staff to work in another country and for incoming foreign staff. ...
The company has employed more than 25600 peoples by the end of December with its headquarters based in Michigan and Dearborn. Ford has recorded revenues of more than $182,456 million in just one fiscal year; that is up to December 2007. An increase of around 7.6% over that gained in the year 2006. The company’s operating profit of the company used to be $6,631 million in the economic year 2007 put under compared to an operating loss of around$8, 291 million in the year 2006. This loss, however, in 2007 reduced to $3,722 million (Ford Motor Company, 2000). The company operates two businesses: Automotive Division In this business, it produces a variety of vehicles, among cars in the medium, large, small, and premium segments as well as buses, SUV’s, Vans, and trucks. Its automotive vehicle brands include Mazda, Mercury, Ford, Volvo, and Lincoln. Ford also owns a 34.4 % controlling stake when considering Mazda (Lussier, 2013). Because it is the consumer trend towards lesser and more cost-effective cars, it has increased its business in this part. Ford’s automotive business can safely get organized into five segments: Premier Automotive (PAG). Ford added onto, manufacturing and distributing trucks and cars, it, also, avails a diversity of after sales products and services via its dealer network (Rowley, 2013). The Financial Service Division The Ford Motor Credit Company was initiated in the year 1923 as a completely owned subordinate of Ford. This business provides automotive financing for Volvo, Mercury, Ford, and Lincoln’s customers. The Credit business was established so that Ford Motor Company dealers could offer competitive financial services to both business and individuals. The Major financial services entail: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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