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Theories of Nationalism and Ethnicity - Essay Example

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JAPANESE UNIQUE ETHNICITY AT TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Abstract One of the best car manufacturing companies in the world is the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). Throughout the years, this company has been in the limelight gaining much attention from journalists, academicians, researchers, business executives worldwide…
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Theories of Nationalism and Ethnicity
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Download file to see previous pages This is what they call the “Toyota Way”. Whatever characteristics it may carry, it must be systemic, truly lasting and valuable to them. Along this line, the main concern of this paper is the Japanese ethnicity prominent in the Japanese-based Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). The intended framework is to scrutinize the uniqueness of the much researched management style_ the “Toyota Way” at the same time determine which sociological perspectives and paradigms that would apply to the characteristics of Toyota’s Japanese ethnicity as well as determine how it has given great impact to the success of TMC. This paper seeks to draw some answers to questions like has Japanese ethnicity posed more of a problem or an advantage to TMC? What techniques does TMC use on its people to be able to build and attain such reputation which won the confidence of the public to patronize TMC’s quality-made vehicles and services within a Western-dominated work area? What is this Toyota Way? How does Japanese ethnicity affect the quality performance of TMC? This academic exercise would attempt to relate selected socio-ethnical principles to the established ethos or principles used by TMC as well as possibly draw out some answers whether these principles overlap, contradict or complement each other? It is then within these parameters that the discussion on this paper will revolve. On the other hand, the limitation of this paper will only be on the time frame used to feature actual conditions of TMC as this paper uses data and time series, specifically a year before to date or prior to the March 11, 2011 tsunami disaster and nuclear meltdown. Keywords: Toyota Way, Ethnicity, Ethnocentrism, Corporate culture Toyota Motor Corporation’s Domain Before interpolating the sociological perspectives of ethnicity to TMC’s management principles and to understand better the subject understudy, it is important to have knowledge first of Toyota Motor Corporation, its corporate philosophy, values, vision, and how it operates. TMC’s domain belongs to the automotive industry and thus, its main product is the automobile. However, “TMC today has expanded its business to other non-automotive related business activities to include: community livelihood support, education, financial services, among others. Their stakeholders include: customers, business partners (dealers and suppliers), investors, consumers, nongovernmental organisations government, community, stockholders.”(“Toyota Company Overview”, 2011) A Window to Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Toyota’s Significant Achievements Through the years, “Toyota has repeatedly outperformed its competitors in quality, reliability, productivity, cost reduction, sales and market share growth, and market capitalization” (Spear, 2010). TMC, within its domain, has gained public confidence in the quality of its luxurious, economical and environmental-friendly vehicles and other hi-tech products it produced. It has also expanded to venture on enhanced advanced technology products like robotics, prototyped environment-friendly electric cabs; spearheaded activities that lessen carbon emission in the environment and in its other involvement related to its aspiration to actualize its corporate social responsibility. Not to forget, TMC has expanded also its non-automotive activities like community education and livelihood support packages as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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