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Environmental Scan - Research Paper Example

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Environmental Scan Paper Internal and external environment factors play a pivotal role in developing business strategy of a company. Ford Motor Company is known as one of the prominent manufacturers of the automobiles in the US and Unilever is a formidable player, in the home and personal care sector worldwide…
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Environmental Scan Paper
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Download file to see previous pages With strong engineering capabilities, Ford has highly skilled managers and workers to manufacture automobiles meeting stringent needs of the market. The company's brand name has evolved over time for last several decades and it is known as the reliable auto-manufacturer among customers. It has well-established R&D facilities to develop fuel-efficient engines that can meet the most stringent norms of the market in terms of flue gas emissions. As per company's website information, total 77 units – either full-fledged assembly lines or component manufacturing units are in operation globally. At least one-third of these installations are in the US alone (List of Operations Worldwide, 2013). It is pertinent to note that Ford continues to attract committed workforce with diverse background that include ethnicity, race, culture, age, religion, and gender and the company puts considerable efforts in imparting training to their workers for the organization development (Diversity, 2013). External Environment of Ford External environment of Ford Motors is quite challenging. ...
Source: Its recently launched model ‘Fusion’ with an array of technology features that matches with the luxury features of the Aston-Martin – a luxurious sports car has been able to grab one of the top slots in prestigious markets of California. Its sales are up significantly in North California replacing Toyotas and Hondas of customers (Ramsey, 2013). Current trend is towards developing and offering smart gadgets to consumers and accordingly, Ford has tied up with Microsoft to develop a “Smart Car’ with some fancy features that are not available anywhere so far. Since early 2012, Ford Motors' business strategy lies in implementing its 'ONE Ford Plan'. It essentially consists of four-point business plan for achieving success in the market place and they are restructuring operations aggressively to meet needs of the market; developing new models/products as per the need of customers; directing workforce to work effectively as one cohesive team and working towards improving the company’s balance sheet. ‘ONE Ford Plan’ encourages teamwork, brings focus on its objectives with a single global approach. Much of the emphasis has been put on working as a single team to achieve business leadership. ‘ONE Ford Plan’ is supported by a set of behaviors that govern all employees of the organization. Strategic success is measured through satisfaction levels of customers, employees, and associates such as dealers, suppliers, investors and the communities in which the company operates. ONE Ford decides about goals and expectations of employees regardless of which global plant they work at. The focus is on behaviors and skills that all workers must demonstrate to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Environmental Scan Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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