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Consultant Firm Profiles Instructor Date PROXC Consulting PROXC Consulting is one of the world’s leading consultation firms operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the primary objective of bridging regional and global management strategy gaps…
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Organizational Consulting
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Consultant Firm Profiles PROXC Consulting PROXC Consulting is one of the world’s leading consultation firms operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the primary objective of bridging regional and global management strategy gaps. The firms core areas of specialization are business continuity management, project consulting, enterprise management and solutions architecture. The firm’s internal divisions are organized to serve both local and international clients and as a result, the firm leads the market in most of its operation zones. Concerning business continuity management, PROXC provides support services in controlling interruptive events that pose difficulties for their client’s business (PROXC Consulting, n.d.). The firm works closely with businesses in order to identify possible risks and to develop strategies and contingencies measures by offering both the solutions and tools. PROXC offers supportive services in order to help firms advance their business continuity management strategies through training and assisting managers identify and prioritize potential risks to expedite achievement of business objectives. In addition, they assist in the preparation of disaster management plans by facilitating resumption of operations as soon as possible especially after the occurrence of an interruptive incident. Additionally, they organize business continuity management training in over 95 countries operating collaboratively with their clients to improve the performance and assist them to attain DRI international qualifications. Moreover, they offer enterprise solution architecture that includes the hardware and software required for various organizational needs such as documentation, data security and support (PROXC Consulting, n.d.). In addition, PROXC works closely with IT firms and their client businesses in order to develop blueprints for enterprise architecture. PROXC through its code of ethics strives to demonstrate to its stakeholders that it holds high ethical standards and is committed to maintain their reputation as an ethical firm in interactions with employee’s, clients and local communities. PROXC does not recruit individuals with specific skills except on rare occasions, and currently they have several openings of which they are encouraging interested applicants send their resumes for consideration by their HR managers. ABeam Consultants ABeam consulting is a Japan based corporate that was previously part of Deloitte, and its services are dedicated to a number of sectors such as ICT, finance, manufacturing and other corporate fields (ABeam Consulting, 2013). Abeam’s fields of specialization are marginally wider than PROXC’s, since their main service comprises data analysis using an assortment of in-house software and mathematical models to direct business optimization and guide decision-making. They offer customer management solutions assisting firms maximize customer value while retaining customer centric practices. Their finance management services are tailored to strike a balance between control over the funds and corporate efficiency through services such as, financial intelligence and global cash management. In addition, it deals with ICT development, design and incorporation of new IT services as well as supplying the necessary infrastructures, training and upgrading. Besides that, they consult on outsourcing thereby ensuring companies take advantage of globalization to subcontract part of their production process to attain cost effectiveness and maximize profitability. ABeam consultants has been in business for over three decades, originally, it was part of Deloitte but it separated from the parent firm in 2003, and as an independent company it doubled in size in just five years. The firm serves clients in more than 20 countries, and its phenomenal success ensuing after splitting-up from Deloitte has been largely attributed a merge with William R Muns who turned it into a competitive and highly productive company. According to its directors, the secret to its success is the genuine effort it to collaborate with clients and encouraging their employees to work harmoniously to this end. As their mission statement attest’s, they aspire to be a real partner to all their clients ergo, take into consideration all the cultural-social differences to make certain they provide equitable and conscientious services. Consulting firms deal with a great deal of private information and one of the key ethical issues they have to contend with is security of this data from threats such as industrial espionage that could have severe ramifications for all parties (Geva, 2010). ABeam‘s code of ethics is predominantly focused on guaranteeing the security of the information they hold, process and generate. Thus, it has formulated comprehensive management strategies geared at guaranteeing all their employees and affiliates cognize and uphold the pertinent business ethics (ABeam Consulting, 2013). ABeam is an equal opportunity employer and at present, it has thirty-one vacancies, unlike PROXC they are very specific about the skills they require; in addition, they are categorical that everyone who works for them should have excellent problem solving skills. References ABeam consulting (2013). Company Profile: Real Partner. Retrieved from Geva, A. (2010). Ethical aspects of dual coding: Implications for multimedia ethics training in business. Journal of Business Ethics Education, Vol.7, 5-24. PROXC Consulting Ltd. (n.d.). Company Profile. Retrieved from Read More
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