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HRM Analysis and Recommendation - Research Paper Example

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Goodwill Industries’ Human Resource Practice 1. Introduction Human resource practices are changing rapidly across the globe, due to the variations in the macro and micro economic factors that have an impact on the organization’s functionalities…
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HRM Analysis and Recommendation
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Introduction the Organization Goodwill Industries International is a multinational corporation, having its headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. The company was established in 1902 by Edgar Helms and focuses on providing job opportunities to unemployed individuals, on and off job training programs and other charity programs for individuals with disabilities. Goodwill Industries operates in 25 countries of the world including USA and Canada and its current work force is around 105,000 employees across the globe. 3. Goodwill Industries’ Business Strategy and Market Position The vision of Goodwill Industries is: "We at Goodwill Industries will be satisfied only when every person in the global community has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential as an individual and to participate and contribute fully in all aspects of a productive life." The business level strategy of Goodwill Industries revolves around charity money and donations that it collects through its global network of Goodwill Associates and members. But the major chunk of donations and charity money is raised by the chain of Goodwill’s thrift stores which are operating across the markets in which the company is present as the non-profit organization. The business strategy of Goodwill also compels its management to reserve 82% of the total collected donations and charity money into fulfilling its corporate social responsibility practices, whereas the rest is spent on providing employment opportunities to those who are disabled or lack academic qualification. The customer base of Goodwill Industries comprises of 4.5 million customers and is labeled as a social enterprise whose profits are spent on making society a better place to live. At the moment, the company has designated two persons to carry out the donor relations communication processes and familiarize societies around the world about the noble cause they are serving. These persons are Lorie Marrero and Evette Rios. These two associates are currently working with Donate Movement and ABC Network respectively. Other associates of the Goodwill Industries are also associated with famous organizations but reserve their time to fulfill their responsibilities at Goodwill Industries. Presently, Goodwill Industries has expended to the non-profit market in 25 countries in 5 continents of the world and reports around $ 4.8 billion in revenues each year consistently. 4. Job Pricing and Compensation Packages Job pricing and compensation package is that function of the human resource department of any organization, that determines the salaries and compensations required to be paid to each employee. This practice is done with the help of reviewing industry standards and technology like SAP software. Goodwill industries have received severe criticism for its job pricing and compensation packages that it offers to the associates and executives of the organization. Industry experts has termed the job pricing strategies of Goodwill Industries as “unreasonable” and biased. These experts base their argument on the amount and pay Goodwill’s Oregon branch executive, Michael Miller received, i.e. around $ 850,000. On the other hand, other executive associates received lesser amount in salaries during the same year, i.e. 2004. Critics view Goodwill’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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