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Strategic Management : Goodwill Industry - Term Paper Example

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The Goodwill Industry is an international non-profit organization which provides employment placement services, job training and undertake other community-based programs. This paper will discuss the overall strategic management system of the Goodwill Industries International…
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Strategic Management Paper: Goodwill Industry
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management : Goodwill Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The company has several organizations in Canada, the United States, and 14 other countries. The founder, who was an early social innovator and a Methodist minister, used to collect and gather clothing and other household goods from the wealthy cities. Afterwards, the collected items were distributed to individuals who were needy in the society. In 1915, Edgar Helms hosted a visit to the Morgan Memorial Centre with the assistance of representatives of a workshop mission which was in Brooklyn, New York. They learned the operational techniques of the Memorial Inc. and after this Helms was also invited to visit New York (Goodwill Industries International, 2012). The two groups exchanged ideas, and Helms proposed the naming of his workshop, Goodwill Industries. Nowadays, the Goodwill Industry has become a multi-billion non-profit organization. From the company’s earnings, around 84% of the revenue goes to the provision of support services and other forms of training to over 2.5 billion individuals. The founder even describes the program as a resource provider for the unfortunate in the society. The charity industry in the contemporary world is trying to fight poverty through similar mechanisms that are applied by the Goodwill Industries. Furthermore, the world’s Charity Watch has rated this industry with an “A”. By 2011, Goodwill Industries had 165 members in the United States continent. Goodwill also has an Internet auction site and another one on eBay where valuable items are put on sale. In addition, the industry also has more than 2,600 Goodwill retail stores that are liable for items that are sold on the auction site (Lenoir, 2000). Some of the most valuable items that are sold include jewelry, books, automobiles, furniture, clothing and other...
This essay approves that the Goodwill Company can attain its maximum potential in terms of earnings made from the thrift stores. If the staff members of Goodwill are able to look into the factors stated above in a sequential manner, then they are able to enhance the earnings of the company. This strategy will also enable the company achieve its objectives. This happens through initiating the project, hence; increasing the job opportunities in the organization, improving technology, and raising the overall standards of the society. This initiative will enable 20 million people to get jobs by 2020. The strategy also ensures that the workforce is strengthened to support the needy in the society. Furthermore, through the business, many people will get basic needs through the donations made by the company to various places all over the world. The implementation process will take place in phases. The implementation of the laws in the political environment will be performed by the board of members. In the economic environment, the task will be done by the finance director.
This paper makes a conclusion that the Goodwill Industries have played a mega-role in ensuring the community fabric is intact. The industry was registered as a charity union in 1935. This has enabled the creation of job opportunities to those facing employment barriers. The company is nonracial and does not consider the background of the person. The main goal of the company is to enhance productivity of most people in the community through the provision of support services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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