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Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations - Essay Example

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In modern times business environment has become tumultuous and disordered. In such situation human resource management have become a crucial function for an organization. Importance towards the management of workforce is being emphasized like never before. …
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Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Organizations have understood that it is the human resource which crafts a difference and offers competitive advantage (Buhler, 2010, p.1). In addition to that the productivity of an organization is purely dependent upon the employees (Chandramohan, 2008, p.1). Organizations have also started to put more stress on the management of its manpower. Human resources of an organization are the people who actually accomplish various tasks for the organization by applying their skills, knowledge and abilities. Human resources are also responsible to meet the various objectives of the organization.
Human resource management (HRM) is a broader term which primarily encompasses the management of human resource within an organization. It can be defined as the process of managing and controlling the workforce of an organization by means of various activities. HRM is primarily responsible for carrying out a number of functions. Some of the vital tasks include:-
• Attracting potential candidates for a vacant position.
• Selection of workforce.
• Employee appraisal.
• Rewarding the employees.
• Training and further orientation of the employee (Werner and DeSimone, 2008, p.10).
The aforementioned factors are only the basic function of HRM. Apart from that other functions of HRM include administering the organizational culture and leadership. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Essay.
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