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Drug testing in the public sector - Research Paper Example

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Drug Testing in the Public Sector Contents Introduction 3 Findings from various research studies 3 Role of Government 4 Legal Factors 7 Federal Drug Testing Legislation 7 State Drug Testing Legislation 8 FMCSA Alcohol and Drug Testing Rules 9 Drug testing in the public sector employers 9 Perception and trend for drug testing in the workplace 11 Privacy issues 12 Ethicality of drug testing in the public sector 13 Role of DTC 14 Drug Testing through GC/MS 14 Pros and cons of drug testing 15 Conclusion 16 References 19 Bibliography 20 Introduction Drug testing in public sectors has become a much discussed issue of the modern corporate cultures since both the employer and the employee believes th…
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Drug testing in the public sector
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Download file to see previous pages In this context we can refer to the research by the Ulster protestant, Brian Mawhinney, who was extremely against the application of mind altering drugs and considered it as highly immoral to provide syringes and needles for the purpose of treating the drug users. Mr. Mawhinney therefore conducted a survey for gathering data about the positive sides of those services and their role in preventing the infections from spreading. The research delivered results proving that genuine health related advantages can be gained through such services and consequently he started supporting the program. iFor further discussions on this issue it is necessary to go through the various thoughts and perceptions of the various researchers and their researches regarding drug testing particularly in the public sector. ...
iolence, accidents and often lead to suicidal attempts that might give rise to long term absence from job, dropped level of performance, accidents and subsequently unemployment. Further the usage of illicit drugs causes psychiatric impairment and the injections used during drug intake can eventually spread communicable sickness like HIV and Hepatitis B and C.iii Illicit drug abuse proves to be a serious spoil for the health and safety of the drug addicts as well as the non addicts along with the society at large. For instance, the one who is driving a car and is under some drug influence, tends to cause accident to the passengers, pedestrians and the drivers of the other cars, and for this reason Drug Testing at the office especially in the public sectors must aim at trimming down the costs with respect to absenteeism, employee’s work life and productivity. According to the Quest Diagnostics director Barry Sample, “We all know how devastating a single accident can be when an impaired driver gets behind the wheel,”iv not only this, the work place should also try to eradicate drug abuse for the safety and security of the community.v The practice of drug testing is most widespread among the employees in responsive designations within the public sector, private transportation organizations and those dealing with the federal Role of Government CICAD plays a major role in the drug abuse eradication program specifically in the regions of Latin American and the United States. viiGovernment plays a crucial role in this regard since it is their duty to maintain and protect the society from any kind of abuse. In the year 1988, the Drug-Free Workplace Act had been passed by the congress government that ultimately gave rise to the Federal Workplace Drug Testing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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