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Is Workplace Drug Testing a Wise Corporate Policy - Research Paper Example

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The thesis of this paper revolves around the concept that drug testing is a precautionary method which safeguards companies from hiring and training employees who will not be as productive as those that do not use drugs, and that drug testing also functions to minimize work-related injuries …
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Is Workplace Drug Testing a Wise Corporate Policy
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Download file to see previous pages The following exposition will venture to present a neutral position on drug testing with the end in view of injecting objectivity into an otherwise volatile subject.
It can not be denied that drug use has substantially changed the norms of behavior among all sectors of society, particularly in the workplace (Carpenter 795; Godfrey and Parrott 30; Walsh 120; Harris 357). Latest available government data showed that 73.8% of full-time workers who use illicit drugs came from only seven industries, namely: accommodation and food services (16.9%); construction (13.7%); arts, entertainment, and recreation (11.6%); information (11.3%); management of companies and enterprises, administrative support, waste management, and remediation services (10.9%); retail trade (9.4%); and other services, except public administration (8.8%) (SAMSHA n. pag.).
Violence in the workplace is a serious concern for both workers and employers (Chappell, and Di Martino 15). Interestingly, studies revealed that drug use is a common catalyst for workplace violence (Hanson, Venturelli and Fleckenstein 41). The following reasons summarize employers’ reasons for implementing drug testing policies: to discourage drug use among employees; negate chances of hiring drug users; identify employees with drug problems and provide assistance for medical intervention; keep the workplace safe; protect the public interest and gain consumer confidence pertaining to workplace safety of their employers; abide by drug testing regulations both on the state and federal levels; and benefit from such programs as the Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount (US Department of Labor par 3). These are the circumstances surrounding the decision of many companies to enforce mandatory drug testing to new recruits and random drug testing to tenured employees.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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