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Starbucks Coffee Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Starbucks is a business which was established by three friends in 1971 and has grown to become the largest business of its kind on the planet. It is one of the most recognizable brands globally, and this has contributed significantly to its success in the market as well as facilitating its swift expansion all over the world…
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Download file to see previous pages Starbucks is a company which has throughout its history displayed a high capacity for being able to manage the workforce within it, and the competent management of its staff in its different stores has enabled the company to become highly successful, as those who work for it are motivated by its management ability (Fitzgerald, 2013). The wide range of coffee and other products which this company has put at it customers’ disposal means that it has to hire and maintain a large workforce in order to be able to function effectively. Unlike other companies in the same industry, Starbucks tends to be very careful and selective with the management of its staff because of the need to continuously make a profit. As a result of the competence that has been shown when dealing with its multi-cultural workforce, and also being able to venture into countries which speak different languages, Starbucks has come to achieve success on the international scene where other companies take years to achieve the same. The use of technological innovations has been found to be a very important aspect when running a company such as Starbucks because it is these innovations which have enabled this company to get customers and to make them remain loyal for many decades. It was realized early by the Starbucks management that it has to be innovative in order to survive the very competitive market that is predominant in the world today. It has been found that the key to Starbucks’ worldwide success is that people everywhere know what to expect when they go to the stores that it owns but this does not mean that this company has made any resistance to any changes or that it has refused to adapt when local customs require flexibility (Day & Moorman, 2013). In addition, it is a fact that this company has come to establish internal social networks to give its employees the opportunity to connect with the management and to support each other. This network has come to provide a space for the company’s stores to share ideas, best practices, as well as customer stories, and there is also a forum section that is currently being used to encourage dialogue between Starbucks’ management and its employees as well as discussions between employees from the different stores within the chain. The use of such technology has been proven to be successful in getting the employees more involved with both the company’s management as well as fellow employees. The introduction of new technology to aid its employees in their work is one of the most important policies that Starbucks has taken in hand. While in many other companies in the market it has been often found that resistance to change is often related to the introduction of new technology in place of the old ones which many employees are used to, this has not been the case with Starbucks. In fact, the opposite is true because the introduction of new technology at Starbucks has become immensely attractive to the younger generation of workers, who are often quick to adjust to its use, and the older employees have surprisingly not been left out since they have embraced the new technology without offering any resistance to its use, as would have been expected. In order to encourage its employees to adapt to the new technological changes within their stores, the management of Starbucks organizes training in the use of the new technology ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ANALYZE STARBUCKS COFFEE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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