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Because it is too long so i wrote in the report format - Essay Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 Background information 3 Aims of the study 3 Scope of the study 4 Visa Issues 4 Remunerations 6 Orientation Program 8 Relocation, Cultural and Family Issues 9 Industrial Relation Issues 11 Solutions and recommendation 11 References 13 Executive summary The development of international human resource and the continued growth of multinationals have made it a common practise to have foreigners working in different countries across the globe…
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Because it is too long so i wrote in the report format
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Download file to see previous pages This report has thus evaluated the factors that influence the decision of the organisation to hire a German engineer to help increase its car modelling and production. This is a sound idea but a number of factors arising from international human resource management must be considered and given due consideration. This paper finally advices on the best approach that the organisation should steps to help reduce the financial expenses that may arise from this decision. Introduction Background information The process of recruiting and posting of staffs is a major concern in international human resource management to organizations that operate beyond their domestic borders. Recruitment involves the process of searching for and obtaining potential job candidates in a good number and with different qualities so as to enable the organization chose the individual with the best skills. Recruitment for multinationals presents many challenges to organization due to the operational differences that exist in different countries around the globe. ...
Ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric staffing orientations are quite common in international human resource management. This decision to recruit a German foreigner thus means that the organization has adopted the use of foreign expatriates to occupy a number of positions in the organizations (Deresky, 2010). The success of such a policy is influenced by a number of factors which include the work visa and the immigration rules of the country. Aims of the study This report will thus evaluate the major issues that will arise and that requires consideration by the organisation in their quest to employ a German national as the engineer to help improve the car production business. It will thus analyse the visa issues and remuneration issues that will be considered by the organization before making this decision. As a foreigner, the company will have to implement an induction program to help familiarize the employee with the work culture of the country and how he can live comfortably in the country with his family members despite the cultural differences. The report shall thus analyse how such a condition will affect the company’s financial and human resource position. Scope of the study In completing this task and achieving the desired aims of this study, the Australian system shall be analysed in line with the emigration and the labour laws of the country. This will enable me analyse the labour related issues that may affect the working conditions for the German engineer and how he may be required to comply with international working permits. In line with the international human resource practises, the remuneration package for the engineer will also be analysed especially to determine how the variation with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Because It Is Too Long so I Wrote in the Report Format Essay.
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