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Internal Recruitment - Research Paper Example

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Introduction Basically, internal recruitment can be a positive force in supporting employee morale and retention. In order to achieve this feat, it is imperative for the organization to have a clear policy about internal recruitment. As such, this paper seeks to discuss some of the factors that characterise an effective internal transfer and promotion policy…
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Internal Recruitment
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Extract of sample "Internal Recruitment"

Download file to see previous pages This policy is mainly concerned about promotions where the current employees can be elevated to higher positions on the basis of factors such as merit as well as experience in that particular field. Performance reviews will be used to formulate such policy and the final decisions can only be made by senior management within the organization. Discussion of the characteristics that make such a policy effective There are various characteristics that make such a policy effective. A policy that has been formulated on the basis of impartiality is likely to succeed if carefully implemented in the organization. This entails that all promotions should be done without fear or favour and the results are likely to satisfy the needs of all the employees in the organization. In order to do this, the strategy of carrying out a job analysis should be carried out first before promoting the employees. Basically, a job analysis is described as a step by step process of obtaining information about a job that is done through identifying the skills, duties and knowledge required for taking that job in the company organisation (Grobler, 2006). When this information is available, informed decisions about promoting the right candidates are likely to be made in the company. This also helps the management to make a good job description that can suit the experience as well as qualifications of the employees within the organization who can be considered for promotion. According to Carell (1995), the most important rule when carrying out a recruitment exercise is that from time to time, the human resources management should always strive to attract job candidates with the required competencies and traits in order to be in a better position to perform the required tasks. The other characteristic that makes such a policy effective is that it should be based on talent inventory which is described as a database that contains the information about the pool of current employees (Werner, Schuler & Jackson, 2012). Talent inventories usually include information such as employees’ names, prior job experiences, performance and compensation histories as well as demonstrated performances. This is a very effective way of monitoring talent among the employees in the organization. This also helps the company to make informed decisions when elevating other employees to senior or higher position. Experience and previous performance are two very important factors that ought to be taken into consideration when making a decision about promoting certain individuals in the organization. This is effective in that employees who are selected internally have the knowledge about what is expected from them since they have been working in the company. Impact on employee engagement and retention There are several benefits that can be achieved from implementing an internal transfer and promotion policy in the organization. Of the several advantages of internal recruitment within a company, it can be noted that an increase in morale among the employees is one of the major one. In most cases, promotion often comes with other related benefits and these motivate employees to put optimum effort in their performance which also significantly helps to retain them. Happy employees in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internal Recruitment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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 It is appropriate to investigate the state of internal marketing and employee satisfaction within hotels operating in Libya and to try and uncover how internal marketing relationships within Libyan hotels can assist in the diffusion of new knowledge related to the enhancement of customer service. 

I hereby certify that, except where cited in the text, this work is the result of the research carried out by the author of this study. The main content of the study which has been presented contains work that has not previously been reported anywhere.

Internal marketing is a concept which has been found to be especially useful in service organizations and refers to the marketing efforts that are made to...
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There is social inequality in India, a difference like lack of teamwork, managers like working individually unlike the Americans, the Indians give priority to culture and family over work while for the Americans work takes precedence. Both are risk-takers and developing personal relations is important for the American while it isn’t for the Indians. Such differences can make it difficult for them to work together.
The next part of the report focuses on expatriation and repatriation. The national culture might make it difficult for the expatriates to adjust unless laws and regulations are established to initiate an effort to encourage better-coordinated work between the two. The expatriates might feel insecure about thei...
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Modifications in internet technology such as falling cost and increasing accessibility in broadband are drastically altering the recruitment process and allowing recruiters to reach a large number of quality applicants in diverse locations in a very cost-effective manner. The boundaries that used to exist between print media owners, job boards, recruitment advertising agencies, recruitment consultancies and technology companies is almost breaking down. E-recruitment should not be considered in isolation from other methods of recruitment, it is a complimentary service, rather than replacing the more traditional forms of advertising.

Online methodologies are used as the front end of the recruitment process in terms of adv...
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In an internal audit, the internal auditors determine, assess and supervise an organization’s risk management, reporting methodologies, and control practices; at the same time give proposals for advancement. Although internal auditors are characteristically accountants, this activity can also be carried out by other qualified experts who are knowledgeable about the company functions as well as the necessary regulatory requirements. (Friedberg, 2004)

The span of internal auditing in an organization is expansive and it may engage internal control issues such as the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, the consistency of financial reporting, preventing and inspecting fraud, protecting resources and oth...
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The workers only form the crucial ‘cog’ in the running of the organization. And, only if these crucial workers are recruited or staffed optimally through an effective recruitment process, the organization can achieve optimum success. In the case of running an enterprise or organization, the recruitment function is a continuous process, and so the leader or the manager particularly the Human Resource Manager should perform the staffing function at all times. 

 It is necessary that the management must ensure constant availability of a sufficient number of efficient employees from managers, executives, technical persons to laborers, for the efficient functioning of the enterprise. Overall, the recruit...
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Human resource managers often consider job analysis as an important component of the recruitment process. This is primarily due to the fact that both the local and international businesses that exist today are very dynamic aside from the fact that most of these companies are heavily relying upon the use of high-communication technology (Hough & Oswald 2000, p. 632). As part of addressing the question “why job analysis is considered an important feature in the recruitment process”, a literature review will be conducted in this particular study.
To enable the reader to have a better understanding of the topic argument, the definition of job analysis will first be provided followed by discussing its main purpose...
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So we can see the complete system, such as cars, airplanes, a block of buildings, etc. It is opposite to an experimental investigation by a material model or prototype of the system, such as an aircraft or car model in a wind tunnel.

The role of CFD in this contemporary technological world is crucial. It assists in the path of the global world of Computer Assisted Engineering or CAE that refers to the ensemble of simulation tools that support the work of engineers between the initial design phase and the final definition of the manufacturing process. The industrial production process uses various software tools for computerization of the whole production cycle. Among those tools, the most important is Computer-Assisted...
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Liberalization of foreign investment and technology policy of the government is supportive of establishing industrial units in the country.

Threat: The UK food regulatory authority is planning to enforce the EC Regulations relating to food labeling. The labeling requirements under the new regulations will affect the food industry as the suppliers will be legally obliged to disclose the GM content of foods to the caterers. Thus business firms in the bakery industry also will be effected through the exclusion of flexible manner of labeling arrangements in the case of flour confectionery involving GM Soya or maize. (Genetically modified and novel foods (labeling) (England) regulations, 2000).

Trend: The new subs...
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