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Recruitment, Training and Compensation - Assignment Example

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …. . . . . . Date Submitted. . . . . . . . Question no 1:Recruitment, Training, and Compensation Use the Internet to research an MNE. Gather basic information about the enterprise as well as specifics about their international business strategy…
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Recruitment, Training and Compensation
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Extract of sample "Recruitment, Training and Compensation"

Download file to see previous pages A Telenor company is purely 100% owned by Telenor ASA in addition to adds-on to its operations in the continent Asia plus country Malaysia,Pakistan , Thailand, and Bangladesh. In March of the year 2005 Telenor in Pakistan successfully launched its operations in Pakistan just like a single biggest direct European investment, while setting their priority for further more foreign investments in the sector of telecom (Telenor Group, 2012). As of end of December in the year of 2013 ,It has got a subscriber base of around 150 million all over the world. It specifically ranked among the top 500 largest mobile operator in the world with a total of around 150 million of subscribers in the mobile operations. The company names Telenor ASA is actually an international provider of very high quality telecommunications, all data along with media communication services. They have broadened themselves from corner to corner in the country where they have operated, and having around more than thirty one thousand plus employee . Telenor has set up cellular phone operations in 12 different markets and as well in 17 markets via our ownership in VimpelCom Ltd. ...
The process of Personnel selection is the systematic placement of persons into the main jobs for the duration of which applications are calculated against currently available and offered vacancies and evaluated as per the skills, talents and experience of the applicant in the compliance with the Telenor selection procedure that is without a doubt specified in the Recruitment Policy. . . . . . The strategy or the policy that Telenor adopted is in this manner as described below: Coordination with all of the departments on the recruitments and sourcing of the well qualified candidates in conformity with an approved hiring plan. Job advertisement is done through web site or the newspapers or via third party recruitment sources. . . . . . . . CV Screening and short listing, as well as conducting interviews plus tests. Synchronize with the selected universities for graduate placements and internship. An appropriate match is essential and compulsory between culture and employee in the recruitment hand hiring if the individual Excellence Division feels just like a person will not be capable to adjust in the environment of the organization, although he/she is doing functionally very well, the individual is completely rejected. . . . . The talent and the appropriate skills that are actually required by the main and major company Telenor is that each and every employee should have very high-quality communication skill, have to be result oriented, ought to be developing yourself as well as others having the capability of innovation , should be a very good team player. Question no 3:Outline a training and development strategy for your selected MNE that could be used to effectively meet organizational requirements for operating in multiple countries Telenor is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modifications in internet technology such as falling cost and increasing accessibility in broadband are drastically altering the recruitment process and allowing recruiters to reach a large number of quality applicants in diverse locations in a very cost-effective manner. The boundaries that used to exist between print media owners, job boards, recruitment advertising agencies, recruitment consultancies and technology companies is almost breaking down. E-recruitment should not be considered in isolation from other methods of recruitment, it is a complimentary service, rather than replacing the more traditional forms of advertising.

Online methodologies are used as the front end of the recruitment process in terms of adv...
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The workers only form the crucial ‘cog’ in the running of the organization. And, only if these crucial workers are recruited or staffed optimally through an effective recruitment process, the organization can achieve optimum success. In the case of running an enterprise or organization, the recruitment function is a continuous process, and so the leader or the manager particularly the Human Resource Manager should perform the staffing function at all times. 

 It is necessary that the management must ensure constant availability of a sufficient number of efficient employees from managers, executives, technical persons to laborers, for the efficient functioning of the enterprise. Overall, the recruit...
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Daft and Fitzgerald (1992) indicate that in order to manage an organization effectively in a competitive environment, planning for human resources strategy requires several factors several external factors to be considered.

1. Attract an effective workforce. This includes planning on the number of employees required, job analysis or what types of jobs should be conducted or jobs associated with the types of business, forecasting future recruitment, recruiting because good employees need to be recruited, and selecting.
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