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From the above discussion one can understand how the company in distress can find a solution to their problems related to HRM. For safeguarding a business from the peril factors the organization should proceed with a business planning in light of the above analyzed factors. …
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Download file to see previous pages The role of human resource management in an organization is immense. Any organization without an effective human resource management cannot thrive in an industry for long term. The effectiveness with which the overall activities of an organization specifically the human resources activities are coordinated and utilized establishes the success human resource management in terms of achieving the organizational goal. Human resource management exerts a profound importance over the organization, employees of the organization and towards the society or economic scenario within which the organization is operating. An effective and efficient and an efficient human resources practice can help in attracting and preserving the best people within the organization. The overall performance of any organization depends upon the effectiveness of the human resource management. It facilitates the organization meeting different challenges by improvising different strategies for different situation. The objective and the mission statement are defined by the human resource management by formulating an accurate business plan for the organization. Issue related to performance management of employees, strategy development for the organization, any enterprise reform as per the industry standards, absenteeism management, conflict management, resource and talent planning, implementation of any innovative measures etc are all strengthened and taken care by the human resource management....
Identification and Analyzing Problems: Economic change can lead to enormous adverse effect over the retail sector especially in the clothing and textile industry. UK underwent profound changes in terms of taste and preference of the customers as an after effect of the great recession during 2008-2009. This in turn exerted an adverse effect over the cloth and textile industry in UK. UK’s textile and the clothing industry was a hard hit owing to the reduced customers demand across a range of variety of product. The entire textile and clothing industries output marked a sharp fall in their production. Devaluation in the euro caused a reduced the import capabilities of the entire industry. The recession during 2008-2009 in UK also followed a change in the income pattern of the individuals which directly affected their consumption. This hit the clothing industry in a negative way as they suffered a sharp cut in the demand of their products. This in turn lowered down the revenue of the industry and as an effect hiked their cost of production. The major impact was found over the employment sector. With an inflated cost of production the clothing companies started suffering losses. This forced the companies for a cost cutting to come out of losses. This affected the employment sector to a large scale as the clothing companies started to a sack their employees as a tool for cost cutting (Just-style's review of the apparel industry in 2009: Management briefing: May, 2009). As per reports it was said that, “the UK’s New Look have recently made cases for some ethical practices actually improving a factory's productivity, and arguments from pressure groups have taken a whole new turn in the past month” (The clothing industry and the economic crisis - a just-style review: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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