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Leading, Managing and Developing People Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Question 1: How theories of motivation and leadership underpin the concept of employee engagement Leaders and leadership play various roles to ensure that employees are committed to the delivery of services with commitment in their work places…
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Leading, Managing and Developing People
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Download file to see previous pages In ensuring that leaders achieve motivation of employees, some of them use some theories that help them to understand and choose the best way to treat their employees so that they can perform well. Through moderation of the working environment, leaders achieve active participation and engagement of employees, and this improves their chances of being productive and improving the performance of the organisation in which they work. There are various ways that help leaders motivate employees until they become actively engaged in performance of duties they have in organisation and can willingly contribute to the business (Lengnick-Hall, 2011, p. 245-247). In many circumstances, organisations experiences some changes which require employees to adapt so that they remain relevant in the production system and that the organisation in which they are working may continue to be productive and profitable. This means that leaders in organisations need to have their employees equipped with relevant information that will keep them focused on accomplishment of their goals in the company. The theories of improving engagement in an organisation require influence in the behaviour, improvement of the capacity, the collective environment of working and improvement of relationships among various individuals (Lengnick-Hall, Beck). In order to attain motivation of employees and cause them to be engaged in the operation of the company in which they work, the leaders should seek to understand the behaviour patterns of the employees (Collinson, 2005, p. 1421). This is because the way employees are influenced by the environment of the company operations, in the same way; it affects the company’s operations in the course of business. This means that to achieve actively engaged employees leaders will need to establish an environment that will ensure freedom of expression of ideas and feelings of the company. Influencing the behaviour systems of the employees, leaders should focus on implementing strategies that will conform to the behaviour systems and contribute to the success of the company in different situations. This implies that all employees will have their own perspectives represented in the course of doing business, and they will have the freedom they need to present ideas to the leaders as well engaging actively in creative activities in the company (Collinson, 2005, p. 1421-1422). The understanding of the personalities of the employees will help leaders to choose the right method to motivate them so that they can engage themselves in the company business. For instance, understanding the way employees could respond to various issue in the society could help the leaders to implement their plans of motivation. According to McGregor theory X and Y (Green, Wu, Whitten and Medlin, 2006, p. 577), there are two perspectives of looking at the employees in an organisation i.e. as inherently lazy and needing a form of pressure to perform their duties, or as a self motivated and needing little or no pressure so that they can perform. Using McGregor’s theory X and Y would help leaders to treat employees in ways that they are conscious of things they ought to do and those that they could not work for them. This ensures that leaders will be able to choose the right way of motivating the employees through punishment or by giving rewards that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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