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The importance of having a safety program in an organization - Term Paper Example

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The importance of having a safety program in an organization Safety program in an organization The ever increasing situation of violence and accidents, health disorders in the workplace has raised concerns for implementation of safety health programs in organizations all over the world…
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The importance of having a safety program in an organization
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Download file to see previous pages Thus it is the responsibility of the organization to protect its employees from safety and security concerns. The safety program helps to build an atmosphere of peaceful and steady work where employees are able to concentrate on their job without being concerned over the possible issues of their safety (Alston, 2003). Importance of safety program in an organization The employees are the most valuable assets of an organization. Apart from the employees, the workplace of an organization also constitutes of the customers, the employees of the customers, agents, suppliers and the general public. Any injury or accident in the workplace is a highly undesired event that could break the flow of workplace activities of the organization. The disruption of work due to events of violence or accidents would not cause losses of daily work output but would also affect the human resource of the organization. The cost of such danger situations is unexpectedly high for the organization that demands estimation and subsequent measures. The implementation of safety programs in an organization is an important step to safeguard the employees, internal and external stakeholders and other valuable assets of the organization for sustainable healthy operations. ...
The parameters of job security and job satisfaction are among the highly rated criteria that employees look for fulfillment. The role on safety measures by the organization keep the employees loyal to the organization with higher level of satisfaction and feeling of care taken by employers. The safety program to be set up by the organizations is also a legal requirement. The laws and regulation of the federal, state, locality and community are enforced so that no compromise is done on the acts of safety. The research on safety issues of the organization indicated that 80% of the reported accidents in workplace are due to unsafe behavior rather than the unsafe environment. Thus the safety programs included focus on the unsafe behavior of participants in the workplace which is a proactive approach rather than identifying the causes of unsafe environment and waiting for the changes to produce a safe environment. Ways for successful implementation of safety programs The various ways of successful implementation of safety programs in an organization are given as follows. The implementation of successful safety programs of an organization depends majorly on the initiative of the various levels of management of the organization. The management should be accountable to exhibit exemplary behavior to their employees in the workplace. The rules on safety in workplace should be abided by the entire workforce with high level of mutual respect and co-operation at work. The expectation on safety standards are required to be set among the employees in order to bring out responsible behavior in the workplace. While entering into contracts with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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