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Managing Human Resource in Health and Social Care - Essay Example

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Managing Human Resource in Health and Social Care Human Resources, the most sensitive component of management, started to gain an independent identity in business organizations in the 1930s (Fallon & McConnell, 2007, p.xiii). Its significance has steadily grown over the intervening decades, and in the new millennium HR continues its relevance and its usefulness…
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Managing Human Resource in Health and Social Care
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Download file to see previous pages Current approaches in human resources suggest a number of weaknesses: a hasty, stop-gap attitude towards problems of human resources; dispersion of accountability within human resources management (HRM); a limited notion of personnel administration that fails to include all aspects of HRM; and finally the short-term outlook of HRM (Dussault & Dubois, 2004, p.iii). Performance monitoring and promoting Performance should be monitored in the health and social care system, as they are instrumental in stimulating, creating and maintaining health and social care improvement. Around the world, rapidly changing landscape between acute and chronic diseases is placing various demands on the health and social care workforce. To provide effective health and social care for chronic conditions, the skills of the health care professional have to be extended along with the existing ones, to fulfill the new complicated situations. First, the workforce must adopt a patient-centric approach. Second, service providers need the necessary communication expertise, which should enable them to cooperate with other providers and patients. Third, the workforce must equip with expertise to ensure that the security and quality of patient care is continuously improved. Fourth, the workforce needs expertises that assist them in checking patients across time and using and sharing information through available technology. Finally, the workforce must develop broadest perspective to consider patient’s care and provider’s role (WHO, 2005, pp.11-12). Methods of Monitoring Performance Management by walking around: Getting out of your office and being physically present on a regular basis is an important place to start. One will gain a great sense of “what’s going on”—as well as a first-hand feel for what is not understood or what needs to better communicate. Managers of a health and social care unit should take ad-hoc approach in this case. They can visit and revisit same premises during change of shifts of nursing staffs with special emphasis on the ICU after a critical surgery to check the activities of nursing and other staffs. Visits or walking around monitoring without any prior notice is very important in a health care set up where work division is very important. Visiting the reception at least thrice a day by the management personnel is very important because that is where the patients get the first impression about the care they would get within the unit. 360-degree assessment: It involves polling various people who have contact with a particular employee, to get an idea about the employee’s performance. The employee also is polled regarding his or her own performance, with those results then compared to the feedback collected from others. People involved respond to speci?c questions on a feedback form. One can either make up your own form or purchase a generic one developed for use within your business area (Dorio and Shelly, 2011, pp.61-64). The required staff should to be evaluated occasionally (in six months or annually) by many evaluators including his boss, direct subordinates, equals, internal clientele and external clientele. In a hospital doctors can provide feedback about nurses and vice versa. And it is quite possible about feedback among intra-nurses or intra-doctors can be used for performance monitoring purposes. Identifying training and development needs- Assessment for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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