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The HRM Aspects and Procedures of an Organisation In general, the existing theories of human resource management tend to focus on organisational aspects concerning the hiring of employees, and their maintenance within the organisation. One model of human resource management, known as the Harvard model, views an organisation’s workers as a valuable asset that has to be included in all decision making if the organisation is to realise its objectives…
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Analyse the hrm aspects and procedures of an organization of your choice
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Download file to see previous pages Such policies address the 4C’s, which is another trait of the Harvard HRM theory. The 4C’s, which stand for the commitment, competence of the workers, and the cost effectiveness and congruence of an organisation’s HRM department, are factors that contribute to the company’s overall effectiveness. Most human resource divisions monitor processes such as the employment, training, and appraisal of their employees. Recruitment An organisation’s recruitment process can either be external or internal. It might consist of functions such as advertisement in elements of the mass media, job application procedures, selection, and finally training. Prior to engaging in hiring, most organisations will do researches on the existing suitable candidates for the available positions and then conduct tests on all applicants so as to find out their areas of competence. Recruitment is a vital stage for all organisations because hiring semi skilled workers can adversely affect a company’s productivity. It is not regarded by corporate heads as a process that is the responsibility of junior heads. Recruitment usually requires the input of management executives and long-term planning to ensure that the best candidates are gotten for the existing vacancies. In the recent past, there has been a lot of competition between different companies for the most talented workers between different companies. Most recruiters wish to employ well rounded workers who will fit in with their corporate cultures and add positive characteristics to it. Recruiters also tend to look for candidates who can work well in teams or groups and will actually motivate others through their contributions. In many cases, even skilled candidates have to undergo a period of training in order to learn more about their new company. Most organisations use rigorous employment methods in order to ensure that they only use their resources to train candidates that will give back to the company. Employee Development and Training There is a different training program for new workers in every organisation. Each company’s training program is concerned with its particular needs. It is not just the new recruits who develop from training programs in most companies, but the existing workers can also learn new skills that might enable them to benefit from promotions. Making new plans for recruitment programs is also a program that helps companies to discover areas where they might need to improve or develop more. To make sure that they have competent training programs, most organisations evaluate the existing programs for shortcomings and then make the needed improvements while incorporating new procedures. In the present, business arena, most organisations use different methods to train new recruits. There are many companies, for instance, that make use of online training when seeking to hire students or employees from far flung locations. Using this kind of distant learning is a cost effective measure as it trains potential workers on all aspects of operations of the company while saving on travelling costs. Students, particularly, are enthusiasts of this method because they may be qualified and apply for a position even while taking their final ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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