The impact of cultural diversity on employee performance of transnational corporatiosn TCNs in algeria - Research Proposal Example

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Impact of Cultural Diversity on Employee’s Workplace Performance (Case of Transnational Corporations – TCNs – in Algeria) Name Tutor Course Date Background of the study The responsiveness of any organization to the communities which it serves can be greatly enriched by mounting a culturally diverse and sensitive workforce…
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The impact of cultural diversity on employee performance of transnational corporatiosn TCNs in algeria
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Download file to see previous pages People’s age, culture, and gender make them perceive the world in different ways. These perceptions are a key to creative thinking, which, in turn, is the key to successful performance of the organization. In real sense, diversity should not be taken to be a problem but instead it should be taken as an advantage. To excel, the organizations must comprehend and use the traditions, skills and backgrounds of a diverse staff (Mazur & Bialostocka 2010). In reality, diversity endows businesses a key benefit in the marketplace. Our wider range of standpoints offers a spectrum of talents – painstaking craftsmanship, for instance, which can enhance many aspects of processes and product research. Diversity assists when: you are doing marketing internationally; negotiating with customers from abroad; launching a drive to a new population – whether international or domestic (Cox & Blake 1991). Cultural diversity has a positive impact on the company performance in regards to revenue generation and profitability as well as non financial growth of the company (Hartenian and Gudmundson 2000) and therefore management should focus on managing diversity rather than minimizing diversity. Organization practice diversity for various reasons such as compliance with the law but a good manager should encourage diversity since it’s advantageous to the company since it pools together people with different capabilities. Diversity represent different concept to many people and therefore there is need to identify specific aspects of diversity in regard to specific organization. Once you understand cultural diversity, your company can appeal to a wider base of staff, and that in turn will enhance you staffing. As you make diversity a key part of policy and measures, it is imperative to work at all degrees and in every department (Cooley & Lewkowicz 2004). Plan strategically at top management levels to incorporate multiethnic motivating and managing; recruit distinct leaders not just employees; train supervisors in multiethnic skills; review selection and interviewing selection procedures (Cox & Beale 1997). The principals enhancing cultural diversity include: reducing inequality, cultural diversity and encouraging participation. Valuing diversity involves fostering a community that appreciates the benefits and values of a culturally diverse and rich society (Cooley & Lewkowicz 2004). This involves in the active promotion of respect, discouraging racism, harmony and negative stereotyping. Reducing disparity entails recognizing the right of people of varying national ethnic and religious backgrounds to exercise share, and enjoy their culture. Encouraging participation involves availing opportunities for all people to fully participate in public and civil life (Tiedt & Tiedt 1995). Employee performance is influenced by many factors including the following: family; knowledge and skills; adaptability; support from superiors; health; social values; workplace; and ethics. Most past research has focused on the influence of these factors on performance of employees in diverse organizations. However, little effort has been placed on the influence of cultural diversity on the performance of staff. In light of this, the present research seeks to fill this gap by determining the influence of cultural diversity on the performance of the employees of transnational corporations in Algeria (Ho 1996). This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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