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Ethnic Diversity at Workplace - Research Paper Example

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Ethnic Diversity at Workplace Introduction Historical overview of research related to the diverse population The meaning of ‘diverse’ is quite difficult to understand. For instance, the modern day human population often deciphers a distinct and inadequate construct of the socio-economic paradigm on the basis of race as well as ethnicity…
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Ethnic Diversity at Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages Notably, the term ‘relational demography’ is often defined as the individual’s demographic similarity or dissimilarity observable in comparison to other members of the organization. It is in this context that the distribution of co-ethnic workers could have implications for the well-being of African American or Latino individuals. As stated by Kanter (1977), on the lower extreme of this distribution, one finds tokenism, a segregated work environment in which the minority group comprises less than 15% of the working group. These minority members would represent a “critical mass,” possibly reaching equal representation relative to the culturally dominant group (Henderson, 1998). The recent phenomenon depicts that the growing attention towards diverse population research has been increasing constantly and rapidly since the past few decades. However, guided by a philosophical and social point of view, insignificant number of diversity research focuses on the impacts of workplace racial as well as ethnic diversity at workplace. With the passing time, diversity concerns have deepened instead of fading away as intended with the implementation of anti-discriminatory policies and various other equal opportunity initiatives. Simultaneously, complexities have also increased by a significant extent in relation to diversity, especially within an enclosed and structured workplace setting. It is in this context that there are a few significant factors relating to ethnic diversity such as the biological sex concept, which is the only defining characteristic between a male and a female populace within the modern day workplace setting. Some feminist researchers recognized the essence of evaluating the distinction as well as historical and cultural features within women populaces in workplace setting categorizing them as a proportion of diverse population (Shore, Chung-Herrera, Dean, Ehrhart, Jung, Randel & Singh, 2009). Personal reflection There are many reasons behind choosing the diverse population at work place for performing this particular study. The underpinned philosophical context behind this study depicts that for the purpose of developing the public policy it is essential to recognize that workplace diversity is a critical variable to develop a stable, sound as well as progressive society. The significance of managing diverse workforce has been rapidly increasing since past few years owing to the diversification as well as the international expansion of the organizational boundaries. It is fundamentally due to this reason that a large variety of populace who differ in terms of gender, ethnicity, color and even race tends to be employed in a specific workplace setting. Simultaneously, with the increasing influence of globalization, customers groups are also emerging as widely diverse, which further increases the necessity of studying the issue of workplace diversity, especially in terms of ethnicity (Gandz, 2001). It is in this context that diversity at workplace is increasingly being considered as an essential factor which can assist to interpret into product as well as services which are effectively and efficiently provided by the organization. Consequently, many organizations have been realizing the need of providing better services to diverse customers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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