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Addresssing human resource issues at Utiliscan - Essay Example

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Human resource issues at Utiliscan identified by the survey. Paul, the former Director for Utilitiscan conducted a survey and th result revealed some troubling issue in the company that caused its employees to leave. …
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Addresssing human resource issues at Utiliscan
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Download file to see previous pages Human resource issues at Utiliscan identified by the survey. Paul, the former Director for Utilitiscan conducted a survey and th result revealed some troubling issue in the company that caused its employees to leave. The survey that Paul conducted reported that; Most employees view their job at Utilitiscan as career dead end. Meaning, most employees felt that their careers are not advancing in the company as Paul’s survey result revealed that 87% of the employees felt that there were no promotion opportunities in the company. 74% of the employees also felt that their pay does not increase even if they perform well. Employees were also complaining that performance appraisals were not done anymore. Some respondents commented that there were favoritism in the company. Most employees also no longer feel challenged by their jobs. This is corroborated by the fact that a resounding 89% of respondents also complaint that opportunities to grow and improve were rare in the company. 56 % of the employees felt that their non wage benefits were below industry standard. Only 55% of all employees felt safe working in Utilitiscan. Meaning, the other half or 45% felt that there is an occupational hazard associated with their physical environment and that safety is less than adequate. In sum, the problem of the employees at Utilitiscan was that they felt that their job is a career dead end without any prospect for advancement and non-challenging where there are no incentives to do a good job. The proposed conceptual plan as a solution to the problem Employees are leaving Utilitiscan, including the very person who conducted the survey which was Paul, because the company was perceived to be a dead end and that the jobs were boring thereby making employees not motivated to perform because there are no incentives available when they do a good job anyway. Thus, to address these issues, management has to; a. Make job interesting for the employees to engage b. Institute promotional plans for the career advancement for employees c. Provide incentive for good performance (including promotion) d. Perform performance appraisal to address the need for basis of incentive and to encourage high performance in the organization. These conceptual plan does not necessarily “breaks the bank” of Utilitiscan. Addressing the employees issue about their jobs as non-challenging by making their jobs interesting jobs do not have to cost the company a huge amount of money. This can be done through job-rotation whereby employees move through the various functions in the organization laterally doing functions other than they are accustomed to. This is consistent with the idea of a classical management theorist Frederick Herzberg that it is not only money that motivates people to work as what Taylor posits in his scientific management theory. Herzberg argued that it is intrinsic rewards such as challenging work and growth that gets employees motivated. True, pay can make people work better but they will only endure the drudgery of work until the next pay raise or promotion and will again be back to mediocre performance after taking the pay raise or promotion. This principle in motivating employees is corroborated by a more recent study conducted by Dan Pink. In his study, Pink illustrated how monetary rewards failed in motivating employees. It may sound baffling but the Pink experiment showed that the obvious does not always work. Giving monetary rewards as a basis for motivation on jobs that requires even the slightest cognitive skills such as the jobs of programmers and engineers in Utilitiscan do not always work. It can even be a source of demotivation as what Pink found out when he did the experiment of giving financial incentive to motivate people to do tasks that involves thinking. The same experiment was done in other countries and other cultures and the result are the same, money as an incentive is a demotivator to tasks that invol ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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