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Differeng approaches to Strategic HRM - Essay Example

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DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO STRATEGIC HRM by name University name Case Study: Organisational Development Introduction Organisation development has been viewed by several scholars as a field of Human Resources Management that is still growing…
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Differeng approaches to Strategic HRM
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Download file to see previous pages This implies that people (employees) form key components of an organisation development intervention. Thematic Analysis As presented in this case study, the Company "cockpit for you" is struggling with multiple problems, which it has to solve in order to achieve its short-term and long-term objectives. The thematic areas that have negative influence on the company should be critically considered by the management in formulating the strategic policies. This is core in organizational development because, if the influences emanating from the thematic areas are not addressed properly, the company risk loosing the targets it sets to achieve. In this regard, the areas include the following. First, restructuring of a company is not easy since the company has to spend a lot of money in consulting for the best option that it should adopt. Moreover, the situation becomes worse if the restructuring is hurriedly done without formulating and following the procedure (Armstrong 2006, p. 27). Considering the latest restructuring measures in the company, the modes of operation and employee relations changed, prompting the workers and management to adjust to the new production system. The alterations also led to changes in the company’s niche market, which affected the overall sales of the products in the market due to stiff competition. The little competition that the company experiences also influences the operations in the organization. This is because limited competition reduces the probability of engaging in creativity and innovation in the production and the delivery of services (Houldsworth & Jirasinghe 2006, p. 77). In fact, it is mainly through competitive business practices, which could enable the workers innovate new ways of manufacturing its products. Lack of healthy competition seemed to promote monopoly in the production of goods in the company and could lead to price fluctuation (Blyton & Turnbull 2006, p. 102). The other area that has negative influence on the organization is the fact that it has a bad reputation as an employer compared to the others operating in the region. For instance, it pays its workers poor salaries, making it less attractive to employees and job seekers. This problem of poor pay for the employees reduces their motivation, thereby interfering with the production of quality goods and low returns due to poor sales (Houldsworth & Jirasinghe 2006, p. 79). Currently, many people are attracted to quality products that guarantee them better utilities and value for their money. As pointed out in the case, the company is still very marked, and owner-initiative and creativity of the employees are not valued or even blocked. This aspect is very detrimental to the success of the organization because the practice limits the workers’ participation in decision making (Blyton & Turnbull 2006, p. 108). An employee whose ideas are valued would be motivated to propose for better means of production and service delivery, thus being able to contribute positively in an attempt to fulfil the company goals. In the organization, there was a corporate culture that the employees and the management identified with (Legge 2005, p. 105). Essentially, it is the organizational culture that defines the relationship among the workers, management and stakeholders and the attitude towards work (Cole 2006, p. 32). Since the existing corporate culture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Differeng Approaches to Strategic HRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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