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Boral Downsizing and Redundancy of Employees - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Boral Downsizing and Redundancy of Employees" analyzes the interest of the public on the general implications of the restructure and how it might affect the quality and also the interest of the investors whose funds the organization relies on to be able to manage its affairs…
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Boral Downsizing and Redundancy of Employees
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Extract of sample "Boral Downsizing and Redundancy of Employees"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, the basis of defining media issues should and will always revolve around conveyance of vital, lifesaving information to the general populace in a responsible, fact-based manner which is not just strong enough but also convincing enough to motivate them to take appropriate action without subjecting them to risks. Way back in in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew paid a visit to South Florida, the residents in awe as miles and miles of traffic evacuated the people. Nonetheless, persons who missed the media report had no information as to who was evacuating who and where. Such underlies the importance of the media and highlights what constitutes a media issue. The article “Boral demolishes another 700 jobs” highlights major societal issues and as qualifies as a media issue. It looks at two major public interest areas hit by a crisis, thanks to an economic recession. These include the employment and the housing development sector. More often than not, every member of the public has an interest in knowing the changing employment trends as well as the changes affecting the housing sector. These are both areas which directly touch on the day to day life of the citizens. What makes these issues of interests to the media is the public interest they elicit. The report for the case witnessed in Boral and the possibility of job losses, it is indicative of the hard economic times and spells a possibility of other related or even unrelated industries follow the trend to salvage themselves. It reveals information which could have a rippling effect across the local divide. In a related piece, Wheeldon (2012) highlights not just Boral but also brings in Fletcher, both of which are construction related industry. This is a warning to the public of negative effects within the industry and the need to take contingency measures.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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