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There are two fundamental categories of food consumers; vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarians, as the name suggests, is the name of the category of people who eat vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, non-vegetarians are people who consume meat. There is a lot of difference between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. …
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Vegetarians and non-vegetarians: Comparison and contrast
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Download file to see previous pages This paper draws a comparison and contrast between the vegetarian diet and the non-vegetarian diet. Philosophy of food Vegetarians and non-vegetarians differ in their respective philosophies of food. Vegetarians are generally drawn by their excessive consciousness towards the rights of animals. A vast majority of the vegetarians are of the view that animals are entitled to the same rights of existence and growth as enjoyed by human beings, thus killing animals to eat them by humans is just as wrong as animals killing humans. This does not mean in any way that non-vegetarians are insensitive towards animals’ rights, but there is a belief in the fundamental superiority of human beings over all animals that justifies a disparity in the rights of animals and human beings. Non-vegetarians are generally drawn towards eating animals by the religious teachings. A lot of religions, particularly the Abrahamic religions have allowed their followers to eat certain animals that have been considered and described as pure. The underlying philosophy of this is that human beings are superior to all other animals and that certain animals have been created by God for humans to eat. There are also many vegetarians that drink milk and eat butter and dairy products made from the milk drawn from animals which essentially suggests that there is a subjectivity in the philosophy that humans cannot eat animals. If humans can drink animals’ milk while animals cannot do the same to humans, this intrinsically suggests a superiority of humans over animals, but the non-vegetarians tend to turn a deaf ear to this argument. Effects on health Vegetarian diet is generally considered appropriate for weight conscious people. Since the vegetarian diet is exclusive of animal fat and meat, which is high in cholesterol and fat content as compared to the vegetables. The vegetarian diet is generally fat free, though there are some vegetarians that like to cook the vegetables in butter and oil drawn from animals. Nevertheless, pure vegetarians make every possible effort not to consume anything drawn from animals in any way, and thus tend to rely on vegetable oil and butter. Vegetarian diet is considered an emblem of living green. Non-vegetarian diet is generally considered appropriate for people who need to put on weight owing to the high fat content and high cholesterol level in the animal meat. Non-vegetarian diet is particularly suitable for the building up of muscles. Proteins derived from meat facilitate muscle-building and lend additional strength to the body. However, non-vegetarians assume immense potential to become overweight and obese. A lot of fast food chains are criticized for the spread of overweight and obesity in many countries. Fast food is traditionally non-vegetarian. In most of the food items contained in the fast food range, the meat is deep fried which further adds to the calorie content of the diet, thus exposing the consumers to the risk of becoming overweight and obese. There is a lot of research that suggests that vegetarians are generally physically smarter and less weighty as compared to the non-vegetarians. One research even took the disparity to the level of mental smartness as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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