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Vegetarianism - Ethical Grounds, Merits & Demerits - Research Paper Example

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The focus in the paper "Vegetarianism - Ethical Grounds, Merits & Demerits" is on vegetarianism, which has been a debated subject recently since it has its roots based in fundamental animal rights. There are various concepts and theories which present different perspectives towards vegetarianism. …
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Vegetarianism - Ethical Grounds, Merits & Demerits
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Extract of sample "Vegetarianism - Ethical Grounds, Merits & Demerits"

Download file to see previous pages Where vegetarianism is a socially accepted phenomenon, there are various reasons why many people opt for a vegan diet. Various researches have illustrated that due to social pressure, ethical consideration, religious teachings, health concerns, or desire to consume less of environmental resources are major causes for adopting a vegan diet (Harvard Women’s Health Watch). However, the most fundamental reason given for being a vegetarian is acceptance and respect for animal rights. Where the subject itself is controversial and has not gained a unanimous approach so far, it is still considered as the most valid argument. Other than acceptance of animal rights, religious consideration is also one of the most fundamental reasons. Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism have various sects that have made vegetarianism a building block of their religious beliefs. There is a strong belief that there is a connection between one’s diet and spiritual health (Tuttle 8). Where supporters of animal rights have asserted that animals must not suffer the brutality of humans, extent, and meaning of brutality is still subjected to critical reasoning.
2.1 Theoretical Perspectives
There are different schools of thought in vegetarianism; some reject the idea of using animals for food, clothing and other purposes such as agriculture but accept the idea of using animals as a objects for scientific testing whereas others accept animals as the living things with complete rights of survival, healthy living and avoidance of any imposed suffering. There is no consistent approach which would define the holistic view of vegetarianism concerning animal rights. Being vegetarian is a choice stemming out of basic theory of rights. Cohen argues that morality is a contract signed by those who recognize it and this contract in turn, protects their rights. In simpler way, since humans are in a position of protecting their rights, therefore they can be excluded from inhumane treatment. On the other hand, since animals do not enjoy these liberties or coverage by any ethical body or law itself, therefore, they have to undergo torture and brutal activities of humans which not only results in a loss of life but also in a painful existence. This extension of human rights to animals only takes place when a specific human interest is vested in it. This is the reason why a particular pet animal may be close to its owner but can be treated badly by another individual. Through his article, Cohen demands that this contractarianism must serve as a shield of protection for animals as well on the rationale that everything with an inherent value must be covered under this regime of contractarianism. He further defines this inherent value through object’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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