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Food and Beverage Operations Management - Essay Example

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Hospitality industry is a large industry, food and beverage is a significant component of it. This paper discusses the various food and beverage systems, the methods of production and services, various menus and factors considered in developing them, staffing implications…
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Food and Beverage Operations Management
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Extract of sample "Food and Beverage Operations Management"

Download file to see previous pages As the report highlights food production systems vary in methods of preparing, cooking and serving food to generate meals served to the customer. The methods differ in terms of the actual location where food production takes place, the total time from preparation to service, number of stuff required, quantity of food produced and the level of hygiene and control. The main considerations in food production include quality of raw materials, food hygiene, minimal wastage, proper food storage, suitable preparation of every food item, employees’ compliance with handling regulations and cooking foods to the proper temperature. Food production methods include centralized distribution, sous-vide, cook-freeze, cook-chill and conventional method.

This essay discusses that cook-chill method is a catering system founded regular preparation and cooking of food and subsequent chilling and storage in monitored low temperature conditions. Food is then re-heated prior to consumption. The chilled food is rejuvenated in finishing kitchens that necessitate minimum staff and low capital investment. During the process goods are brought into the kitchen store, followed by preparation and cooking, portioning, packaging, blast chilling, re-heating and eventually consumption. The cook-freeze system of production entails taking goods into the kitchen, preparing and cooking, blast freezing, blast thawing, re-heating and serving when customer orders food. Food and beverage service was customarily viewed as a delivery system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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