Opening the Manager's Door: State Probation Officer Stress and Perceptions of Participation in Workplace Decision Making - Admission/Application Essay Example

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State Probation Officer Stress and Perceptions of Participation in Workplace Decision Making Stress level has a deep impact over performance of an individual as well as of an organization. Slate, Wells and Johnson (2009) in their article “Opening the manager’s door: State Probation Officer Stress and Perceptions of Participation in Workplace decision making” have discussed the impact of stress the probation officers face in relation to decision making in their offices…
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Opening the Managers Door: State Probation Officer Stress and Perceptions of Participation in Workplace Decision Making
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Download file to see previous pages A lot of literature has been written so far in the field of probation officers and work related stress. However, this paper can be considered as pioneer in its own sense as the area this study specializes is not the one most of the researchers have given attention to. Human resource is the most important asset for businesses today. Considering the importance of this resource, continuous evaluation and assessment thus becomes important. Probation is common thus, and the stresses related to being in probation are also common as a result. The stress factor added in the pressures of job by probation make the situation tougher for the new workers. Every organization depends on its human resource. There is no other resource for an organization which can beat the importance of human resource to a company. According to this study, the performance level of human resource can be badly lowered due to stress. Probation along with other factors remains to be one serious factor which creates job dissatisfaction in employees. The paper has brought in the lime light a lot of research done on job stress which is related to criminal justice. Probation caseloads have increased at a very fast pace as usually the probation officers are in touch with many practitioners of justice. As per physicians who offer primary care to the office workers, 85% of accidents happen to the employees who are extremely stressed and majority of them are on probation. For maintaining a good reputation as a responsible and reasonable organization every company wants to avoid accidents. Also, from economic point of view, the accidents may sometime become a serious burden for the organizations. Stressed out employees can become a serious source of frequent accidents. For getting the best out of an organization’s employees, providing them with stress free work environment is very important. The paper also points on the studies highlighting the fact that stress is basically a non specific response of a person’s body towards any regular situation. Stress thus creates different types of reactions even in your work place which otherwise might not be the case. To avoid employee dissatisfaction from their jobs, stress due to work related factors should remain in control. Under stress, any employee can react in a very non specific and problematic way. The only way of avoiding such embarrassing moments is to offer stress free work environment. It is a tendency that stress at work places is felt more by the employees still on probation. Their job satisfaction level is not very high due to the same reasons. Another factor the paper points out is that the probation officers have higher stress level than the others. Probation officers who are married are more stable in their jobs and their stress levels are lesser than the unmarried people. Also, the job satisfaction level of married employees is better. Another reason for the creation of stress for probation officers is the fact that in probation, the officers have to take up more load than any regular job. This is an added stress. Also, the employee satisfaction greatly depends on the factor that decision making at work place is fair or not. Any work environment promoting equality and fair decision making tends to see an increase in job satisfaction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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