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Human Resource Portfolio - Essay Example

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Human resource management demands creative strategies and techniques to value an effective organizational development. Managers must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of workers’ roles and functions to ascertain institutional sustainability and completion of tasks…
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Human Resource Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages This depends on the management who can wager transformational leadership within its elaborate operational realm as steward of its human resources (Casio, 1989). As such, HRM conducts analysis to systematically investigate tasks and responsibilities of a job to determine the necessary knowledge, skills, and capacity required to adequately perform the tasks of the job (Stone, 2008). This paper aims to explicate the significance job analysis for the selection and hiring of applicants, for performance management and for empowering workers. HRM defined HRM is a philosophical framework for organizational development although this is diverse in praxis depending on leaders’ paradigm on organizational management (Grant, 1991). This is best understood by examining how an organization is manage using its vision, mission, policies, procedures and internal culture with anent structures that provide system in their coordination and collaborative undertakings to correlate their roles or functions at achieving goals and desired outcomes. The manager ensures proper direction by stipulating clearly the objectives, systems and control for the fulfillment of tasks (Gratton, 1999). As such, there is a wide spectrum of decision-making here pertaining to worker-employer relation to have a harmonious working environment and to attain efficient productivity or output (Gratton, 1999). HRM considers the crucial factors to improve workforce’s intellectual capital since this is significant for company’s competitive advantage (Guest & Conway, 1998). As employees are tasked to implement plans, human resource managers functioned for in-depth job analysis, description, and advertisement before they’d engage the company into hiring and selection process of applicants (Guestet al., 1998). They also fulfill the requirements and needs of human capital and motivate them to complete tasks and optimize their performances for competitive leveraging. Job Analysis Job analysis is a sensitive part of human resource management (HRM). It is a logical process of documenting and analyzing data and information pertaining to job’s nature, content, context, and description that is generally befitting to standards (OPM, 2012; Stone, 2008) and requiring worker’s competence and skills (OPM, 2012). Competence refers to the measurable cognitive capacity, skills, behaviors, character, and resiliency in the performance of one’s role and functions. Nowadays, corporation has strong inclination to hire for applicants which has capacity to multi-function: ability to eloquently communicate, express flexibility in challenging circumstances, expertise in information technology or knowledge management, and ability for transformational leadership (Gratton, 1999). For example, VMG Motor Company is in need of a sales ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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