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Human Resourse Management - Dissertation Example

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First Name, Last Name Institution Professor Course Date Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance Background Information The issues dealing with the personnel working in an organization has for quite a long time proven to be a very important aspect in the performance and overall output that is to be realized by a firm…
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Human Resourse Management
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Download file to see previous pages There is more to human resource management as compared to just dealing with people in an organization. (Dessler, 2000) These factors all combined are to be done in such a way that the best output from the employees will be realized. For a bank that has an international presence it is very much important to have good human resource practices and management. In the course of people’s existence there are many situations that call for collective efforts in the tasks that are undertaken. These situations are the primary reasons that necessitate for aspect of good human resource management. Most of these circumstances occur in the workplace among other environments. There are also other circumstances when the importance of teamwork comes into perspective. This is when different individuals each with their own ability come together for the purpose of achieving a common goal. (Jackson, 2003) This is especially important since the individuals are all endowed differently and so will contribute for the overall good of the group. With the incorporation of effective and efficient human resource management the set objectives may as well just be achieved. In this same regard it is very much important to build good relationships between the employees and the employers. In this same connection there are some characteristics of an effective human resource management program which cannot go without mention. One of these characteristics is that there is purpose of unity which is laid out clearly to all the staff members. In this case the members understand clearly the objectives of the organization. The other characteristic is that the employees are very much conscious of the operations and requirements of the organization. In this case it will be seen that the organization will occasionally stop its operations to examine and evaluate its past performance of its employees in relation to their current performance. (Golding, 2010) Problem Statement The management of the human resource department is something that is very much critical for the proper functioning of an organization and also the achievement of its goals and objectives. (Wing, 2005). If this fact is not upheld by the organization then chances of dismal performance are very much possible since the driving force of the organization is going to be crippled. At the end of it all the ball is thrown back to the management of the organization. This is particularly in relation to whether it has the right tools that will enable it manage its workforce efficiently. Some of these questions that may be asked pertaining the human resource management program that a firm has will go a long way in pointing out some of the defects that may be there in other areas of the organization. One such area is particularly to do with the management of the organization. This is most important because at the end of it all it is the top brass of the organization that will be charged with the responsibility of making some of the decisions which will affect the different departments in the organization key among them being that of human resource. (Davis & Goetsch, 2010) One critical observation that may come from this is the portrayal that the management does not have the requisite skills when it comes to dealing with the members of staff and the result of this is that the results that are observed are rather dismal. Aim of the Research The major aim of this project is to establish the impact which human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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