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Performance Management and Human Resource Budgeting for H2O Organization - Case Study Example

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This study focuses on performance management and human resource budgeting for the H2O organization. The purpose of performance management is to correlate employees’ performance with organizational performance. Management does this by motivating people to do the right things…
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Performance Management and Human Resource Budgeting for H2O Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Performance management systems developed by organisations are based on the philosophy which emphasizes employee performance. This system motivates employees to perform well and work for organizational objectives. Performance management philosophy refers to developing an organized method of evaluation that requires performance expectations, monitors the job of the employees, evaluates their performance, and uses the information from this evaluation for management decisions and also for providing resources. (Bhattacharyya, 2011, p. 11) A management philosophy may start with the hiring process. The initial step is to focus on an applicant’s goals, capabilities, career focus, and so on. As soon as the applicant passes the tests, he/she becomes a member of a high-performing team. The developed performance management system allows the employees to know the company’s performance requirements and incentives, based on job results, and also to acquire new ways how to effectively perform up to the next performance cycle.
According to Kandula (2006, p. 11), performance management is the result of utilitarian instrumentalism, which means it encourages hiring human resources at the lowest cost, retaining employees as long as they are useful, and termination of the contract if it is not any more effective.
Organizational culture plays a critical role in the development of performance management in an organization. Organizations with a supportive or collaborative culture have the chance of developing performance management processes that share information about improving employee performance. A reward system may create the desired performance rather than a punitive system which may result in unsatisfactory performance. Performance management includes all possible initiatives managers undertake to have high performance among employees. These initiatives focus on giving performance appraisal, rewards and recognition to motivate high performance (Heslin, Carson, & VandeWalle, p. 89). Performance appraisal is almost similar to the principle of performance management.
Many organizations of today are still applying the traditional method of performance management, i.e. ‘the maintenance-oriented, regulatory and administrative human resource management’. This is a barrier to the application of performance management practices. There is resistance on the part of the employees, and it can slow down the development of performance management. HRM staff must be able to slow down usage of the traditional practice, applying new strategies and interventions. All employees should know how to participate in the implementation of performance management strategies.
The performance management philosophy is a value-based approach in determining the performance of employees. Organizations motivate their employees to work for the mission and objectives, or the business goals of the organization and for their respective careers. Normally, a company appraises employee performance annually, providing motivational factors for their performance, for example in the form of benefits, and setting future targets. Performance management is influenced by organizational culture, i.e. beliefs on how it should be managed. It concerns the knowledge of employees, in the form of skills, expertise, and competence. These are inputs coming from the employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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