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Influence of Cultural Knowledge in Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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This study was done with a few attempts to provide a clear and final insight to how the managers and fresh graduates as well as individuals who are applying for a job tend to perceive a work environment. The focus of the research is to understand how it impacts any processes inside the organization…
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Influence of Cultural Knowledge in Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages The paper studies the influence of cultural knowledge in Human Resource Management. Culture plays a vital role in any organization. The understanding of culture involves both external and internal elements. To nurture a strong corporate culture within an organization, the human resource department must invest time into activities which would develop the basic understanding of the organization into the minds of the employees. The human resource department itself carries the role of molding the employees into a commodity for the company. Many different aspects and practices are explored to bring into light the problems that the human resource department faces with employees and the cultural diversity that comes with them. The response of how fresh graduates and professional human resource managers was tested. The results showed that the understanding of human resource managers showed because of their experience in the field. The time that had been spent working showed that they understood the mindset of individuals that they interviewed and how those individuals would have adapted into the culture of the organization. Further the difference of how society affects the individuals applying for jobs and how it impacts their thinking process. Further discussion on how human resource practices could improve the workspace. The best way for an organization to excel is to build a strategy which differs from that of any competitors in the market. One factor that could be used to influence positive performance and to build a great strategy would be to focus on the understanding of culture. Culture itself plays an important role in leading to the success of a firm. (HR Impact on Corporate Culture, 2005). The Human Resource moreover functions in creating a shape or change that enforces the corporate culture. (HR Impact on Corporate Culture, 2005). To serve the human resource function and to emit the gap between Human Resource business planning or even to bring about a basic understanding of cultural awareness, one is required to understand that importance that culture brings in a firm’s success. (HR Impact on Corporate Culture, 2005). “Culture defines the proper way to think, act and behave within an organization.” (HR Impact on Corporate Culture, 2005) Understanding culture helps new individuals, who join an organization, fit into the environment without any problems. These people tend to be the most successful in the work environment because of how easily they can relate to their work environment and the people that they work with. The ones in the organization who choose not to do things in a proper way often are relieved of their positions within a time period decided by the human resource department. (HR Impact on Corporate Culture, 2005). The culture of an organization is mostly set by its top management who decides what is right and what is wrong in a firm’s workspace. (HR Impact on Corporate Culture, 2005). This culture that has been created is seen by leaders at a competitive advantage over its competitors. Culture helps an organization adapt with its external environment because of how important it is for its internal integration. (HR Impact on Corporate Culture, 2005). Often when a new individual joins an organization he has no understanding of the culture that pertains to exist there. With time the individual develops to understand this and generally finds this difficult to fit in. The factor that affects human resource management of most is national culture. (Dimba, 2007). This problem can usually cause inefficiency and lead the individual to fall behind in work. The end ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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