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The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Colonialism - Essay Example

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This essay is about the "The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Colonialism". Colonialism is the act of ruling over a particular country, together with its inhabitant. …
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Extract of sample "The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Colonialism"

Download file to see previous pages Many times, the colonizers would force its way into the native colonies without any agreement, even if it meant through fighting or any other violent means. The main aim of most countries that colonize others was to exploit the economic resources present in their colonies. Besides, others wanted to prove how strong they were. Nigeria is one good example of a country that experienced such challenges. During the colonial regime, many things happened, both good and bad. Colonialism caused various imbalances in the native land, which even lead to deaths due to resistance, at some points. Commonly, the results of such an act are always detrimental to the colonies, together with its natives. For instance, there will be overthrowing of governments, change of cultural norms, loss of land, and slavery, among others. But also, other advantages come with colonization. Today, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of the colonialism history essay. By so doing, people will get to understand the effects brought about by colonialism on the colonies and the colonizers, as well. Read on for more! Advantages of Colonialism In as much as many colonies like Nigeria were not for colonialism, there are some benefits that we can say they managed to achieve. The good thing is that most of the achievements are present and functional up to this moment. Now, what could they be? They include:
  • Introduction of Religion
Religion is one thing that wasn't present in very many African colonies, leave alone in Nigeria. With the intrusion of the colonizers to such countries, they spread the gospel to a vast number of populations. European missionaries spread the Christianity religion to many colonies worldwide. Also, individuals learned reading and writing skills. Besides, how can you understand the gospel if you can't even read the Bible? By understanding the gospel, people in various colonies began to adopt a different lifestyle, as from what they had before. Besides, other bad behaviors were brought to a stop after the start of colonialism. For instance, people from colonies like southern Nigeria would kill children who were born twins. With religion, individuals got to understand the importance of life and why we shouldn't take the life of any living creature. Now, if it were not for colonialism, who thought that such behaviors would stop? Besides speeding the gospel, many people in the colonies acquired new skills. The missionaries would train the natives on various skills that would help erase the illiteracy in them. Moreover, this was an excellent way of preparing them for a fruitful future.
  • Advancement in Technology
Colonialism also brought in various improvements in infrastructures and advancement in technology. Many railway lines were developed in the colonies to facilitate the easy movement of people and resources, from one place to the other. The missionaries also facilitated the development of churches, which are still functional until now. Most of the infrastructures used by the colonizers are still in use up to date. Many infrastructures are in use up to date. Because of that, colonies like Nigeria have managed to attain economic stability. Schools also played a significant role in ensuring that the natives attained proper education. By that, most of the natives were able to achieve a better education. Remember, education is the key to success. As such, most individuals in the colonized countries were in a better position to compete with others for jobs. Besides, it helps to erase the level of illiteracy among individuals. With education, it even becomes easy to eradicate poverty.
  • Expansion of Land
In Nigeria, people used to live where they were born without exploring new places. With the arrival of the colonial masters, things started to change. For instance, people could now move to new places and live there. As such, they helped to expand the territories within the country, at large. Besides, the colonial masters were the ones who named this country.
  • Discovery of Natural Resources
The colonial masters came intending to exploit every natural resource that was available in the colonies. With the advancement in technology, most of them were in a position to explore the hidden treasures in the colonized nations. With the railways, the colonial masters could transport the resources to whatever place they would wish. They could explore new resources with ease. Doing so helped to facilitate the quick growth of towns and various infrastructures, as well. Now, who was to work in such areas? The colonial masters could force the natives in their colonies to work on the minefields or any other places. Moreover, others would pay little amounts to those working for them. The good thing here is that it exposed the natives to new skills. As such, most of them gained technical skills that proved to be important to them in later years.
  • Adoption of A Common Language
In Nigeria, there are over five hundred languages. As such, it would be difficult for individuals to communicate with each other and make sound judgments or decisions about a thing. When the colonial masters colonized this country, they made English be the official language. Such an act would enable people in the colonies to have one mind. Besides, it helped to foster peace and unity among the natives. As such, no other language is superior to the other, up to date. Also, when the masters introduced religion, they had to teach the natives English language to help them to understand the scriptures in the Bible. Besides, the common language enabled the natives to spread the Christianity religion to other parts of the country. Disadvantages of Colonialism Apart from the advantages, we also have various disadvantages listed below. They are:
  • Loss of Culture and Land
With the introduction of Christianity religion, the natives had to diverge from their cultural ways of living. As time went by, some were brought to an end, while rendering others invalid. As the colonial masters invaded Nigeria, they took away land that belonged to the natives. The worst part of it is that they were selecting the best land, which seemed productive. Besides, they would take land that is full of natural resources. Such acts rendered most people homeless, and they had to flee to other places for refuge. This also left them with no land to farm, and they become beggars in their motherland. As such, we might even say that they brought poverty to individuals in such countries who had to beg.
  • Deaths
During the invasion of the colonial masters, many people in the colonies died while trying to defend their countries. The colonies failed to do so because they lacked highly sophisticated weapons. Besides, there was no unity, as most of them lived on their own. The colonial masters could force people in their colonies to work for them. Commonly, most people would refer to this as forced labor. The natives would face harsh working conditions with low pays. Because of that, most of them couldn't survive for long. Some got injured in the working places. Because they were black, they had no access to quality medical attention. This also led to the quick deaths of so many inhabitants.
  • Spread of Diseases
Due to the change of climate, the colonial masters faced various challenges, such as diseases. For instance, many of them contracted diseases like chickenpox, malaria, and also typhoid, among others. Besides, others brought with them communicable diseases to the colonies. The natives were also not left behind as they contracted some diseases from their masters, as well. Many times, the colonial masters would force the girls in the colonies to sleep with them for sexual pleasure. By so doing, most of them would end up contracting or even spreading sexually transmitted diseases. During the colonial era, medical facilities were not well equipped with enough resources to cater to every individual. Besides, only a few Africans were allowed access to such facilities. Because of that, the death rates continued to rise as the days went by.
  • Difficulty in Adopting the New Governing Systems
When the colonial masters invaded Nigeria, they changed everything, including the government. They brought in new rules to be followed by the natives. Remember, most of these rules were to favor the colonial masters. They brought in the form of taxation. As such, they imposed taxes on the natives, which saw most of them revolting. As such, it was challenging for most natives to adjust to the new governing system. Many people in such colonies would lose their lives trying to fight for their rights while others served jail terms of life imprisonment.
  • Economic Dependence
Because of colonialism, many colonies are still depending on their colonial masters for aid, even after gaining independence. The major reason for that is the lack of resources to utilize as a country. During colonial periods, the colonial masters would exploit every single available resource. By so doing, they left the natives with nothing to rely on, even after they are gone. By colonizing many countries, the colonizers brought in a need for dependency. Many of the colonized countries lacked enough resources as they were depleted. Conclusion In summary, it is clear that colonialism has both its good and bad effects on both the colonizers and the colonized. As such, it might seem biased if we lie on either side. Remember, individuals would have different perceptions of it depending on their beliefs, and so forth.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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