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The New World through the Eyes of Christopher Columbus - Research Paper Example

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In the report “The New World through the Eyes of Christopher Columbus” the author focuses on the voyage of Christopher Columbus who sailed across the Atlantic. This particular voyage helped him realize that life beyond extended onto the American continents in the Western Hemisphere…
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The New World through the Eyes of Christopher Columbus
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Download file to see previous pages In the year 1492, when Columbus found the New World, a large number of changes were taking place all over the world. The European nations at the time were undergoing vast changes with respect to imperialism as well as striving to improve their economies in comparison to economies of other lands. This was when the mercantile era began to fully flourish and grow; agricultural production had also begun to slowly reach a high. Thus, developing nations and countries were trying hard to eliminate all kinds of competition from in and around them in order to gain the maximum amount of power and somehow try and rule the world.
Thus, this exploration or voyage by Columbus really helped the European nations to triumph over other nations and get a good head start in terms of production and trade. In no time, these nations indeed did take over many other nations in what came to be known as the colonial period established by the Europeans.
The modern day Americas and Australia were first referred to as the New World by Columbus during the middle ages; he had neither chanced upon any other person that had traveled to such far-off lands; and nor had he any inkling whatsoever of the same with the help of maps or compasses. This helped to expand the geographical horizon of the planet further.
The usage of the words “New World’ is historically very important because the coning of this term helps to divide the time periods of the planet on the basis of geographical discoveries.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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