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Double Reckoning - Essay Example

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There was a double reckoning even though the Captain knew the day is coming when everybody must give an account of all the things done under the sun. There was a double reckoning because of terrors that can only be understood by those who are in the edge…
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Double Reckoning
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Extract of sample "Double Reckoning"

Download file to see previous pages The cracking of early morning light, darkness has enveloped the ship. And because we have been sailing for God knows how long, the men are becoming more irritable and anxious. The Captain has to do all that he could, for morale and for avoiding mutiny. It started as a low rumble at first. That was a sound difficult to understand, for it is coming from the hearts of overjoyed men. This emotion was almost alien to all on board for it seems to be only yesterday when all hope is lost. It seems just a few nights ago when everybody seemed so sure that this was a lost cause. The journey it seems is staggering like drunken seamen moving at a very slow pace. It was confusing and disheartening that some had questioned the accuracy of the instruments and the calculations. Aided only by the faint light from the moon it was unmistakable that we saw hills, trees and wild flowers that bloom. The area is rugged and strong but we have come for this and we will rise to the challenge of the last remaining obstacle. This is it.
Yet a glance sideways to the Captain revealed an unexpected sight. He seemed subdued and poised. He seemed not wanting to join the spontaneous party on board. This is the end of all desire for this voyage. When it seems so close it seems the vision before him knocked the breath out of him. But it was only temporary. ...
It was confusing and disheartening that some had questioned the accuracy of the instruments and the calculations.
Yet when everybody seemed to drown their sorrow in sleep, it was the time when the watchman bellowed a scream of pure delight. Ahoy! Land!
And the officers took turns in peering through the scope as they themselves could not believe that the fate of the mission has suddenly turned into something good and great.
Aided only by the faint light from the moon it was unmistakable that we saw hills, trees and wild flowers that bloom. The area is rugged and strong but we have come for this and we will rise to the challenge of the last remaining obstacle. This is it.
Yet a glance sideways to the Captain revealed an unexpected sight. He seemed subdued and poised. He seemed not wanting to join the spontaneous party on board. This is the end of all desire for this voyage. When it seems so close it seems the vision before him knocked the breath out of him.
But it was only temporary. At the crack of dawn, when everything is clear, when the new world is in full view, the heart is ready to do battle. Here is a new world to be shaped according to the patron's desire. Here is a new world needing a helping hand to be civilized and indoctrinated. Right before their eyes is all that they expected and more. Do they have what it takes
Sooner than later the shores will be filled with natives. On whether they will welcome us with open arms or raise it with poisoned arrows only time can tell. As the ships approach these are buoyed not only from the fresh swells but the lightness of feeling as well. Then we begin to focus on the task on hand. The new world is not yet paradise it has to be subdued first and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Double Reckoning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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